Time travel

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I'm 19 years old I have a sexual relationship with my younger sister who is 18 years old but the one I really want is our mom but she is happy married to our dad as I was driving my car the sky turned dark and lightning hit my car

My car won't start so I went into a nearby bar to call for a tow truck the moment I stepped in I saw a woman who looked like my mom did when she was 19 I went to talk to her I found out she came with her friend to complain about her husband but when two guys came hitting on her she left with them to one of their places

I told her she can complain to me she told me that her husband rarely home and doesn't help with their one year old son luckily her parents was willing to watch him so she could have a brake it led to the two of us going back to her house which reminded me of my house as we was starting we revealed she not only looked like my mom but had her name too and she made a complaint that my name was the name of her son we fucked for a few hours when she noticed the time her husband was going to be home soon

As I was about to leave we heard a car pulling up she had me hide in the basement and said that she'll let me know when its safe in the basement I found a photo album that made me realize it was the same one my mom and dad have when she came down she told me that her husband had gone to sleep and I could sneak out now but before I left I couldn't help myself I had to fuck her again (your choice where)

When I got back to the bar and in my car to it started to spark and then the outside changed and my car was working again when I got home my mom and dad was out and my sister was in my room waiting for me in the morning like every other day my sister snuck out out of my room so our parents don't find out

It was just me and mom home and I  unintentionally asked her if she cheated on dad 18 years old mom had a horrified look on her face and ask how I found out about that I told her what happened last night she started laughing and when I asked what was funny she told me that she after a week she started to look for me and how she was ready to leave her husband to be with me and she told me that I'm actually my sister father

She then took my hand and asked me if I figured out who she was in the past after I told her I did after finding the photo album in the basement she took me to her room and we started fucking after a few hours the bedroom door opened with my sister/daughter with a hurt look before me or mom could say anything she took off her clothes and joined us

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