Innocent couple next door

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I'm 20 years old and a newlywed couple just moved in nextdoor to me they look like they was 19 years old I help them move their stuff into there house I asked them if they were going having twins because of the baby stuff they had was for both boy and girl

They told me no they just wanted to be prepared for what the stork brings them  curiously I started asking them questions to find out if they were joking and found out not only that they wasn't but the furthest they went was kissing and it doesn't seem like either if them know what sex is

I decided to help the wife so the next day after the husband left I went over and started seducing the wife

The names of the characters are up to you

The wife has C cup breasts and after the seducing started after being told to she started shaving her pussy

Neither the wife or husband knows if sex or masturbation they think that when the stork sees two people in love the stork will come to them while they're sleeping rest on the wifes stomach and they will have a baby in a few days later

Your choice if the wife after having sex for the first time tries to get her husband to do it with her but if she does she will fail and only have sex with her neighbor also the wife and the neighbor could be having sex in the same room as the husband and he never realized/noticed what happening 

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