Don't Jump

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It’s been a while! I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy. I actually started writing this story back in October for Inktober 2019: instead of drawing, I decided to use each word in a different chapter. It evolved into my NaNoWriMo project but then a lot of things have happened and now it’s a story I try to update as much as I can. 


Author: KoKoa B
Title: Don’t Jump
Summary: Leaving work, Tamara Henderson sees a man who she believes is about to jump to his death, only to find out that he’s filming a scene for a movie! When she bumps into the charismatic Thomas Lamb once more, she has an urge to fight her desire in becoming more than friends.
Feedback: Feedback is welcome but keep in mind that this is the 1st draft so I know that things are rocky.
Fandom: None/Original
Pairing: OC/OC, M/F
Warnings: Fingering, M/F, OC, Other (slight drug use), WIP
Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered

Review Reply thread: 


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