the Gryffindor pride and femboy Ron

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AU: After the War the only Weasleys alive after war Are Ginny, Molly and Ron and all Death Eaters with their followers were all killed. 

A male lion in his heat state can fuck 50 times a day.

- Because of his Lion Animagus form Harry basically goes into heat while having sex and can fuck 50 times a day.

- The Wizard kind had to go into the hidden like in old times.

- Is Ron is impotent 


Harry didn't think Ginny was so much in love with him that she took a sarcastic made joke literally and begins with Molly’s help to train Ron into a sissy slave and fuck toy to Harry and them.

Timeline after War: 

Ginny at first thought she could handle the ruthless rutting that Harry gives her while in heat, but his size, strength and being incredibly hung he totally completely dominated. Needing help Ginny to take a comment made sarcastic by Harry Potter literally.


Ginny being clever how to start the idea she turns first to Hermione they go to her mother Molly, knowing the deep love she has for only daughter and always favorite child for whom she does everything.

After Ginny shows them the memories of Harry completely Dominating her and still not being satisfied, Molly gets turned on and sees she is right they have to do something.

After some talking they decide to help Harry control his lust, they will turn Ron into his own personal fucktoy and they become his pride for him, to satisfy his needs together. 



Molly forces Ron to help around the house and whenever he refuses she changes some of his clothes with magic, into that of a french maid uniform complete with stocking and jewelry. ( a gift to Ginny from Harry)

Molly brings Ron slowly to like crossdress starting with underwear, female robes and clothes, and growing into dresses, skirts and sexy lingerie. Saying that she only can give him that as clean clothes. 

While Molly feminizes Ron, Hermione makes him remove his body hair and makes him grow his hair to a ponytail. Ginny uses potions to slowly make him comparatively small and girly even more next to Harry, heightens his sensitivity in his boy-pussy/ass cause and gives him a Micropenis. 

After caughting Ron putting one of Ginny's panties on, Molly punishes him with his ass slowly taking a plug that he has to have in place at all times till she says something else.

And later a FUZE Tango that hits his balls when he walks.
Molly with the Dildo


After the time goes Ron becomes more and more feminine and submissive. Ron has to keep in a plug and to wear sexy lingerie. Ginny shares Harry with Molly and Hermione and Ron is his Fucktoy when he is in heat. 

Post training Ron





Be mean to Ron if you want and all that.

Harry is well hung, 11 inches at most and quite girthy. He does release unusually large amounts of jelly like semen when he cums.


I hope you enjoy the challenge and that someone writes it!

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Guest Aegrisbeon

Oh I got the Pun, Gryffindor is a lion and Lions life in prides.

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