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Guest Luna Oscura

Looking for an Edward/Bella fanfic

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Guest Luna Oscura

I really hope you can help me find this fanfic, I’ve been searching for it for over two months and can’t find it…  the only bad thing is that I really don’t remember if the story was in English or Spanish, as it is my native language... 


The story Is an AU with no vampires, and goes like this: 


Bella lives in Forks with his dad, she is very kind to the weird guy in school whom everyone makes fun of (Edward). The boy is always wearing hoodies and big clothes, I believe that he chooses not to speak but I’m not complete sure. Everyone knows that his dad is alcoholic and abusive but no one does anything.


One day, Bella was walking really late outside and she gets raped by someone. Lates she finds out she’s pregnant and continues with her life. Edward leaves Forks some time later but I don’t remember if is after graduation or only after Bella gets raped. 

There is a jump in time, where you see Bella with her little girl, trying to earn some money, having difficulties being a single mom and stuff like that. Suddenly she meets Edward again and he was adopted by the Cullens and is now very successful. 

i think at some point everyone things that Edwards dad was who raped Bella but it was actually Edward, because his dad forced him, and his dad used to do it all the time with other victims. 

I can tell you more, but I think that’s enough information. 
I have a really good memory, but I can’t remember the name or author, specially since I’ve been out of twilight fics for a long time, I’m more into Harry Potter fandom. And reading both English and Spanish fanfics kind of mixed up my memory... 

The story was finished. If the author took it down just let me know and I’ll stop looking for it. Just wanted to read it one more time. It was really well written and a really different story than others, I think ... 

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