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Vali cuck Issei together with his Harem DxD

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After the defeat of 666 Trihexa.

While fighting against Issei in Balance Breaker, Vali had used Half Dimension on the wrong part of Issei and had not halved his powers but a part of his body. After the fight found Issei out that his penis size was halved to the size of 1 or 2 inch. After he finds out that he can't undo he talks to his harem.

Once they found out what happen they decide to discuss among themselves what to do now. The girls still want children with Issei. So Issei has to go through a ritual that will improve his fertility, only it requires Issei to "absorb" semen to improve his own. Akeno jokes why they shouldn't ask Vali whose fault it was after all he is the Great grandson of the Queen of Succubus Lilith and raised by two perverts with Millennia of experience. Odin and Azazel would have taught him many things. After thinking really about it, they decide to really talk with Vali to help Issei and them and new things they wanted to try. 

After promising to him can fight against Venelana Gremory, Ruval Phenex and Grayfia Lucifuge he agrees and says yes. Their Fetishes escalate from there obviously, things I would love to see happen: Koneko & Kuroka feeding Issei cum as Milk, Rias starts feminizing Issei in order to see him get fucked by Vali with the girls. Issei suck Vali off(While the harem watches and masturbate). Issei being kept in chastity and has to wear sexy lingerie. Akeno bring Issei cross dressed to School after Manipulating the memories of the humans he is a girl. Things like that.
Vali is hung 12 inches at and a quite the girth. He does release unusually large amounts of semen when he comes. And well, any other things in that sort of genre that you can think of really. Issei and the Girls get addicted to his cum in the end and has to be take daily dose.
Willingly Cuckolding, Femdom on Issei and Slash Dom Vali and Sub Issei

Issei's harem = Rias, Akeno, Asia, Koneko, Ravel, Rossweisse and Xenovia

I hope you enjoy the challenge and more importantly, that someone writes it!


Pet play Koneko, Kuroka and Issei with Cum eating from a bowl and smelling his Musk.
Ria tricks Asia and Issei to pray for Vali's cock with him.
Femdom on Issei by Akeno and Ravel.
Detention and Teacher play with Rossweisse in school 
Wrestling sex with Xenovia 
Cuckolding by Rias and Venelana and Grayfia feminizing Issei

Absolutely must be present points of the Challenge:

-Must be Rough Sex. Basically Vali goes into heat while sex.
-Dominant Vali.
-Sub Issei.
-Vali is well-endowed and incredibly talented in bed being a descendant of a Lust demon.
-His cum makes addictiv
-Absolutely no Angst please.


If you want

-Sona is Vali's wife, was tricked to beat her in chess by Azazel saying if he wins he will fight Serafall. 

-Saji was to was fighting against Vali and it happens to him to.


feminized Issei


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How about after the fight against Trihexa. Issei was hurt by 666 on his penis and his virility. So the girls in his harem search for a spell that will improve his fertility they find a ritual, but it requires Issei to "absorb" semen to improve his own. After searching for the most potent source they choice Vali Lucifer a Devil of House Lucifer, blood descendant of Lilith the Succubus and one of the strongest wielder of a Sacred Gear.

And Irina Shidou in the Harem to


Would be nice if someone take the challenge

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