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Hoping someone could help. Been having lucky lately finding old stories but this one in particular is driving me crazy. (Warning: it’s kind of a long entry)

First off, I want to say that I (think) have found the first chapter (repost only) on Mediaminer by nativechickeez. She said she is not the original author, it was also a story she read before on, all good clues and it’s the under the title Someone’s Baby. She said the original author was Dani Sinclair(?), but really sure how much of that is accurate.

However, from what I remember it was a great AU story where Inuyasha was a cowboy and he ends up helping Kagome and some baby she acquired on his ranch. I  remember Kagome and the baby were hiding out? I remember a chapter when Kagome and the baby were really hot and she practically stripped them naked and put water on their skin to cool down, and to stop the baby from crying. I remember some gun action and fighting. The summary is vague, hones in on to romance aspects and hints nothing about the action involved. Also early in Kagome gets injured in some capacity and Kouga maybe be her brother in this one?

Now my own summary from the mediaminer chapter I found and read. Kagome is a private investigator working freelance for Rin and her brother, trying to show off to her 3 older brothers, after a failed career as a police officer. She’s on a stakeout for a baby buying ring and saves a baby mid transaction. There is a shootout and car chase where Kagome gets injured, ends up dumping her get away car, carries the baby to a gas station in the middle of nowhere and ends up stowing away in Inuyasha’s pickup truck. This is where the first chapter ends.

Does this sound familiar to anybody? Please if you know that hat I’m talking about and find it, please let me know.

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