The trip affair

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My mom made a new group of friends recently she told them that her husband was rarely home and how she was lucky to have a someone to help with her needs (she was talking about me and how I help around the house) two of her friends thought she was having an affair like them and invited her to come on a trip with them they told her the trip was a no husbands trip and to bring her special someone

When me and mom got there we thought we'd see her friends and their sons or daughters instead we saw them with two guys about the same age as them and assumed that they was their brothers

The give me and mom our room keys and after seeing we was sharing a room I told her I'd take our bags to the room at the room I saw one bed and when I walked out I saw mom and her friends before I could say anything mom rushed over to me started kissing me and pushed me back into the room

In the room she told me that she just learned what this trip was about it's not about thanking someone for helping like we thought but to get away with their lovers trip before I could say anything we heard moaning from the two rooms next to ours mom worried what they do when they found out that she wasn't cheating on her husband decided that we should pretend that we were lovers

At the pool me and the other guys was waiting for the woman I was shocked when mom came out in a very revealing bikini she whispered to me that her friends when they saw in her suitcase dragged her out to buy more stuff it was just the six of us at the pool and with the woman all wearing revealing bikinis I was sure about the other guys but I was hard

One of mom's friends pulled her lovers swimsuit down and started sucking on his dick followed by her other friend they told mom not to be shy like earlier in the room as there's was no need for me and her to try to be quiet

Mom hesitating for a moment came up to me and pulled my swimsuit down her shocked was hidden but I saw mom's friends also shocked by my dick mom started to give me a blowjob after we cummed i saw one guy cummed on mom's friend face and the other her breasts mom though swallowed we heard people coming so we quickly left

Back at the room mom went into the bathroom and came out wearing sexy lingerie and told me that she doesn't want to risk her friends finding out them out by fake moans

The rest of the trip is up to you 

The mom and son names and looks are up you but the mom is a 36 milf with D cup breasts and the son is 18 and has a huge dick

There is no swapping partners

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