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Guest Ryoko-chan*

Wish I had saved the story....

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Guest Ryoko-chan*

I know I found this story on this site when I first read it. 

The concept is that a girl from the real world is transported into her favorite anime, Inuyasha, and meets the gang as well as Sesshomaru, who happens to be her favorite character and she's had a crush on. The girl comes from a family of witches and has dark powers but also healing powers.

I remember the first chapter started off with a dream that turns out to be a premonition the girl has about being sacrificed by her mother for bearing a half demon child.

Later chapters shows her traveling and helping villages with Inuyasha and the gang, her being almost burned at the stake by one village for being a witch, Sesshomaru saving her, Naraku getting involved at one point by kidnapping and hypnotizing the girl and having her have sex with Sesshomaru, the girl bearing Sesshomaru's child and staying in their world for a few years before finally returing to the real world and the premonition from the beginning finally coming true.

Can anyone help with this, please?

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