Old Creature-Snape Story, Tentacles, Slash-Het Story

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I am looking for an older story, I think it was on HPFandom, but I am not certain. The story involves Severus Snape being a rare breed of Magical creature with many tentacle penises which can impregnate both males and females. Ginny, Draco, Harry and maybe someone else were fighting outside of Severus’s rooms when Severus’s mating-nesting compulsion overtakes him and he forcefully breeds them. Most of them are pregnant, Harry is pregnant with the submissive of Snape’s species. Submissives are usually enslaved by wizards. The Dursleys give up custody of Harry, Lucius and Voldemort want custody. As punishment, Snape is obliviated and exiled. He does not remember him mating. That is all I remember.

 Please help!

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