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Pylean Holsteins

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Guest GoApeForGape

Lorne, also known as the Host, comes from a Hell Dimension known as Pylea. They worship the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart, a trio of Demons who rule the Lawfirm Wolfram & Hart that Angel battles against in his series.

The Dimension also has a large number of humans who are referred to as “Cows” by the Demons, and who serve as slaves of the Demons.

In Season 2, Cordelia finds herself transported to Pylea and is quickly caught, collared and sold. She also quickly ascends to Queen when her abilities as a Seer are revealed.

What if the Demon who bought her chose to have her serve as more like a Cow than a typical slave or beast of burden? And as nice as her boobs are anyway, a real cow would need more to produce enough milk wouldn’t they?


So the Challenge is; Cordelia experiences significant potion or magically induced breast enlargement and lactation. She is suckled and milked and made to have a cowbell attached to her collar.

She still gets outed as a Seer and still becomes Queen like in canon. But despite her best efforts she is unable to get the changes reversed.

Ideas;  The changes give her a resistance to the damage the Visions were doing to her, but they also cause her milk to refill, even if she had just finished milking herself.

  • Her milk has restorative properties and can also enthrall Vampires.
  • She normally needs to be milked twice a day.
  • Phantom Dennis milking Cordelia in mid-air.
  • Darla survives giving birth to Connor, but stays with Team Angel despite no longer having her child’s soul to keep her good. She stays because they poured buckets of Cordy’s milk down Darla’s throat and now the vampire is slavishly devoted to Cordy.
  • Cordy’s modelling and acting career switch from mainstream to porn and she has a LOT more success.
  • Fred gets jealous of the attention Cordy gets and figures out how to give herself the “Pylean Holstein Treatment”.

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