Missing Two Teen Wolf Stories

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I am seeking an unfinished Teen Wolf story, in which Stile travels to the past and later his memories fade or something similar. Anyway, Stiles begins visiting Peter while he is in a coma. Eventually Scott, Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Jackson, Lydia, Danny and others join him in visiting Peter. Stiles is magical. Also, they bring in Peter’s belongings and fix up his hospital room. They slowly become Peter’s pack. Laura and Derek talk to Stiles monthly when they call Peter once a month. 

Two. The Hales survive (with Stiles’s help) the fire and move away. While they’re gone, Stiles accidentally forms a new pack and is practically living in the old Hale house. The last chapter I remember reading was that his group was wearing red leather jackets when they head to High School and the Hales return the same day.   

Eager to read more! Please drop me a line if you find either of these stories! 

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