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Last Full Measure

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Author: tcr
Title: Last Full Measure
Summary: Sergeant Major Celeste Laurier has not had it easy.  Wounded in action three years ago on Mars during Christmas, her fiancee left her, and she had been relegated to service on Orpheus Station orbiting Pluto, far from her desired combat.  But that’s about to change.  A distress beacon pulls a company of Marines to a routine mission, only for them to land and be surrounded by unknown hostiles.  Trapped, nowhere to run or hide, they must fight the enemy without and survive the growing tensions within.
Feedback: Greatly appreciated.
Fandom: Original/Science Fiction
Warnings: AFFO Angst Bi FF Fingering MCD MiCD Oral Preg Racist Solo Trans Violence
Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered.

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