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JayDee's (Final Fantasy) review reply, story discussion and additional notes thread

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I don’t have a Final Fantasy story written yet, but I’ve started thinking up ideas as I’d like to get one done after finishing my current TV story. This is part of my quest to one day have a story on every AFF subdomain (with Celeb and NE probably being drabbles)

Some of the other domains will also likely be prompt/flashfic onceshots, but for FF I feel I can do something longer. I played both FFVII and FFVIII on the original playstation, an FFIII on the SNES (numbered as FFVI in Japan… I think?) and viewed/heard footage and the like for other games. I think I even saw Advent’s Children, but wished I hadn’t.

My main idea is for the FFVIII OTP of Zell and Angelo, having a little time out together in one of those big train meeting rooms. I figure Angelo goes into heat, catches Zell alone, and encourages him into sticking it in her. I mean, his defining characteristic was liking Hot Dogs, right? Some folks would say that it’s a barking idea, but I think it’s got legs. At least six.

For FFVII, though, there’s also a story I could do with Aeris* and Cloud, but I suspect Cloud laying her body to rest has been done a bunch of times already.

Otherwise sticking on FFVII, Barret getting a new gun arm attachment that has a mind of its own, and won’t… ahem, leave him alone.

Anyway, once It’s done and up I’ll link it to this thread for any review replies, and it’ll be fun to see which one I got done.

*I played the original mistranslated version so Aeris it is.

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Hot Dog! is my main idea from above actually written.



There's a pairing I never thought I'd see!  Well done in any case.  Maybe you can write the hero from DragonQuest 8 doing the transformed princess horse.

Thanks for the review! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I guess it’s an example of Rule 34 in action – Zell and Angelo exist, so now there’s porn of them getting it on.

I’m afraid I haven’t played any of the DragonQuest games, though I did do a Tomb Raider story with an OC doing a transformed sheep Lara. That one’s not my finest hour tbh.

Thank you again.

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