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JayDee's (Anime1 non fandom specific) review reply, story discussion and notes thread

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As far as I can tell I’ve never made a review reply thread for this subdomain. Having looked, before yesterday my last review in it was 2010 and I think I started responding on the forums to reviews around the 2011 prompts so that’ll be why! I might as well respond to all of them now I am here, as well as the most recent.

My currently sole Anime1 subdomain story, GunSmith Cunt was written as a request for the author Sethite who until I just read that note in the story I haven’t thought about for years. I hope they’re doing ok! Their last story was in 2009, but we all go through fallow spells… or maybe they changed penname?

The note also says that in return for me writing this, I requested from Sethite “a story about Lord of the Rings’ Éowyn”. They don’t have any LOTR stories on AFF so maybe it never did happen, I think maybe it did but was posted elsewhere and lost? Sethite was good people anywhow. Now, about Éowyn, wikipedia tells us “In Old English, the language Tolkien used to represent his invented language of Rohirric, the word eoh (or eh) means "war-horse, charger" while wyn means "delight, pleasure" so it’s safe to say the kind of story that I would have written for her, neigh?

Anyway, before I respond to each review individually, I’ll just say Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed, I appreciate all thoughts on my stories and I am glad that those of you who enjoyed it, enjoyed it!



Very good story with many fine ideas. Kinda brutal, but it's no problem for me.

It’s always nice when you write something for someone and they give a feedback reply! Many fine ideas! I hope they were fine :) Looking back through, the one bit I like was how the bad guy went out of his way to not hurt Rally’s friends.



I just love this fic, maybe coz I love Rally and Gunsmith Cats. It's a great piece and IMHO you perfectly torture and snuff the beautiful girl. The phosphore in the ass, wow just great

See, there’s some people who think anybody who writes or reads the violent stories must really hate the characters. It wasn’t true for me as writer because I didn’t really know the series at all, and it’s clearly not the case for Anon here. On the other hand, it’s probably a good thing that intimately inserted white phosphorus doesn’t appear in more fanfiction.


From Daughter_of_Satan

That was amazing. Almost like horror. Great job!

I guess it does have some things in common with the torture porn genre of horror, but the really terrifying thing is the spelling, punctuation and grammar. Amazing folks with writing is always good!

And, finally, the new review, and, well, I think the reviewer may have an alternate forum name or two.



Hey I loved your story can I be in it

Thank you for your interest in taking part in this story. Unfortunately, all roles were filled at the time of writing – I had a lot of OCs jumping for the torturing role, and somewhat less interest from any of the gang* in pretending to be Rally for the tortured role, but eventually found the right candidate just on the way out of an Adam Sandler marathon in a first draft that never went anywhere. The anally inserted white phosphorus was played by Sarsa in a pre-You! fame role, and had much the effect of reading one of her fanfics. Unfortuately, re-visiting this story for a George Lucas style expanded cut fills me with the sense of horror. Well… almost like horror.

*In case anyone ever wondered why so many of my fanfic is so out of character, it’s because instead of the real characters from the canon stories who won’t lower themselves to appear in my shit, I have to get in OCs and tell them to act with a variety of wigs, prosthetics and make up. In all my Harry Potter stories where he appears, Harry is actually played by a tall, muscular, African-American called T-Dog, but he has a deal with the narrative voice to describe him as being physically close to canon Harry.

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