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2 fics Inu/Kouga and Sesh/Inu

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I’ve been trying two fics from long ago- I’d be grateful if anyone has any info or names of either the story or the author.

The first had to do with Inuyasha and Kouga. In it Inuyasha goes into heat if I’m not mistaken and wants to be with Kagome but he know when the heat hits he will be mindless so he refuses to be near her. It starts with Inuyasha basically wanting to run away but also stay close so he can protect her and is therefore running circles around the village when Kouga comes upon him. Kouga came at a really bad time and basically ends up getting taken as Inuyasha’s partner for the heat. I think it was a fight that Inuyasha won and so that makes him the alpha- one scene where Kouga actually sleeps very deeply as he is no longer the alpha that needs to be on guard. But essentially they are camped out in the forest and near a river, Inuyasha is taking care of providing for Kouga since he is in a feral mindset.

Another scene I remember is Kouga’s packmates come by and he has to get them to leave before Inuyasha notices they are there and attacks. He washes up and pretends to be mad at them,  only gives a slight pat on the shoulder or something to show that they are still pack but that they need to earn his approval. This is bc he not an alpha anymore and he doesn’t know how to fix this problem. They leave and Inuyasha comes back so Kouga has to basically throw himself into their bed to coat himself in Inuyasha’s scent (cum) so he does not get attacked himself.


The 2nd story was Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. I remember that they ended up mating together (might have been bc Inuyasha was in season) and Inuyasha gets pregnant. A few scenes I know for sure were in the fic like one scene where Inuyasha reverts into his human form bc of the moon and he’s in pain bc his demon form can handle the pregnancy where as the human form can not. So Sesshoumaru actually is there with him during the night, I think he even lowers himself to comforting the human form. The other scene was the reason Sesshoumaru ends up trying to distance from Inuyasha- I believe Sesshoumaru goes into season too and so isn’t in good shape. This is when Naraku appears and tricks him by taking Inuyashas appearance and mates him.

A few scenes I am not 100% sure belong to that fic is Kagome goes to look for Inuyasha (who was being intimate with Sesshoumaru in secret) and stumbles on him standing lonely, rumpled and staring after what we can guess was Sesshoumaru. Another scene might have been where Kagome uses the beads power to punish Inuyasha but he actually ends up in pain bc of the pregnancy and Kagome is absolutely horrified (even though she doesn’t know the reason).

Any help is appreciated!

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