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Guest MurderIsMyPassTime

Future Trunks/Gohan?

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Guest MurderIsMyPassTime

Ok, so, this story I read probably six months ago and I really loved it but now I can’t find it anywhere?

It starts with Trunks wanting to be trained by Gohan and his mother refusing because she is building her time machine and wants them to escape to the past so trunks won’t have to fight, Gohan thinks this idea is garbage because time travel is impossible and he thinks the only way to live is for him to get stronger and kill the androids himself. anyways, eventually Trunks goes through Saiyan puberty and spends a ridiculous amount of time trying to hide his feelings from gohan, doesn't work, they end up getting together and through kinkiness gohan grows his tail back and time skip they end up training trunks and after a fight with his mom when she finds out about them she uses her machine and goes back, sends them a picture of her with her friends and says, see you in 3 months, they wait and plan to go together and that all goes to crap when the androids attack and trunks ends up going alone.

The story is long and sad and probably very dirty but I am immune to being embarrassed by it. please, someone tell me they know where I can find this story?

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