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Guest Maya33

Inuyasha Slave Fanfic

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Guest Maya33

I need help finding this Romance Fanic between Inuyasha and Kagome. It’s a multi-chapter story and i think it was a long story but honestly i don’t remember much since i read it such a long time ago. Basically this Fanfic is set in the modern era where all demons are slaves. Kagome has to go spend time in this place where they have these slaves in order to bring good fortune to her family’s shrine. It’s apparently a family tradition or something like that. The guy that is giving her a tour and showing her the slaves, notices Kagome  looking at Inuyasha and he asks her if she’s one of ‘those customers’ than tells her that she didn’t look it that’s why he didn’t recommend Inuyasha at first. Than he asks her if she’s got a special outfit prepared for the night and she blushes or looks down, not sure. Basically he mistakes her as being into BDSM and wanting to hurt Inuyasha when really the outfit she had was some kind of priestess outfit.


After a couple of chapters Kagome starts realising that demons have no rights and could outright be killed in the streets so she starts looking into improving demon’s rights. I think she helped someone with a demon child, not sure it was such a long time ago that i read this story.  Oh and there was this demon kid who was trying to run away from the police who shot him and Kagome asks them why they resorted to killing the boy when if he was human they wouldn’t have. They tell her it’s becuase he was armed and point to his claws which had cut her somewhat. That was when she first realised demons are protected by no law so she starts trying to improve their situation and try to free Inuyasha.


Please help me find this story i’m literally dying here! I so want to see it again!

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