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Blood and Lace

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I’ve been working on this story for awhile, and it’s taken a much different shape than I originally envisioned. Originally just an exploration of different kinks through the lens of succubi (I use the spelling ‘Succubae’ in this particular story), by the second chapter it was twisting towards a dark fantasy tale in a modern setting. I enjoy writing it, my wife enjoys editing, and I hope any with interest enjoy reading. 

Author: Sinfulwolf
Title: Blood and Lace
Summary: Four soldiers no longer human, return from a combat tour in the depths of Hell. Turned into Succubae, they must deal with the new urges swirling through them, and the new hungers that fill their souls. But the threat of a new war looms over the Earth, and they may all be pulled back into conflict once more.
Feedback: Always welcome. Constructive criticism and discussion helps to improve.
Fandom: Original Fantasy
Pairing: N/A  
Warnings: 3Plus Anal Angst BDSM Beast Bi BMod Bond BP CR Cuck Cuckquean Dom DP Ds Exhib Fet F/F Fingering HJ Hum Inc MC M/F MiCD M/M OC Oral Peg Rape Rim SandM Slave Solo Spank Tent TF Tort Toys Violence Voy WIP
Solo story or chaptered story:  Chaptered

Do enjoy.

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