Matt the Hero (Batman Beyond Challenge)

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(Bold text = Idea by Guest Heilbron)


After saving an old lady from a mugging, Terry’s younger brother Matt finds a strange amulet. When he gets home and puts it on, the amulet shows him a holographic projection of a woman that tells him where it came from, a planet where its people had superpowers.

Holo (how Matt decides to call the amulet’s hologram) explains that it was made by one the residents of the planet, who was planning to come to Earth and made the amulet to retain his powers since they don’t work on Earth. However, the amulet detected its creator’s evil intentions, and escaped to find someone who could use the powers contained in it for good, and chose Matt because it saw him helping the old lady.

During this conversation, Matt feels the power of the amulet coursing through him, but also notices a strange feeling in his crotch. He also can’t help but keep noticing the hologram’s very sizeable bust. When Holo finishes the story, it talks about all the powers that Matt will now have.

She also reveals one more thing about the citizens of the planet:

They’re a race of visually flawless, well endowed, and physically powerful people that we’ll just call the Adonisins (like Adonis) exist on the outer edge of the galaxy. Due to the strange esoteric energies produced by their planet, the Adonisins learned to harness it for their own, turning them into the beautiful powerhouses known throughout the universes. However, this was their kryptonite because while they were able to go to other galaxies with their powers, they couldn’t get far as they relied too heavily on their planet’s unique energy. If they remained out of planet for too long, their bodies would grow shriveled, weak, and impotent. But not many bothered to leave as the planet’s energies made them biologically immortal and took their need for food and sleep. So they mostly stayed on their world and fucked each other senseless, but there would come a day when one Adonisin would grow greedy enough to figure out a way around this weakness.

This greedy Adonisin created the amulet to not only make his powers work on Earth, but keep his endowments intact, but the amulet become sentient and detected its creators evil intentions of taking over worlds and makes harems of their women, and decided to escape and find someone that would not only use it’s powers for good, but also treat any women that will join a harem with respect. Matt then undoes his pants and finds that indeed his dick is now much bigger than before (can be from 12 inches to 20).

With the help of the amulet, not only will Matt fight crime alongside his brother, but he will also seduce the following women:

  • Max Gibson
  • Dana Tan
  • Melanie Walker
  • Bobbi “Blade” Sommer
  • Chelsea Cunningham
  • Mary McGinnis
  • Aquagirl
  • Big Barda
  • Amy (from the “Return of the Joker” movie)
  • Jackie Wallace (from the episode "Earth Mover")
  • Karen Foley (from the episode "Armory")
  • Trina (from the episode “Payback”)

He will also seduce some of the villainesses that him will face with his brother, including:

  • Queen
  • Inque
  • Curare
  • The Dee-Dees
  • Dottie
  • Tayko
  • Deanna Clay
  • April Corso (from the episode "April Moon") 
  • Freon (from the episode "Heroes") 
  • Sable Thorpe (from the episode "King's Ransom") 
  • Cynthia (from the episode "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot")
  • Tigress (from the episode "Splicers")
  • Miss Winston

Meanwhile, the creator of the amulet, using a prototype of the amulet that only allows his powers to work, arrives on Earth, and seeks for it.


  • The amulet  makes the women buxom and curvaceous.
  • Breast size references:
  1. Max Gibson: Jeannetta Joy
  2. Dana Tan: Casey James
  3. Ten∕Melanie Walker: Maxi Mounds
  4. Mary McGinnis: Brooke Blue
  5. Chelsea Cunningham: Beshine
  6. Bobbi Sommer: Tiffany Towers
  7. Aquagirl: Kristi Lovett
  8. Big Barda: Vicky Little
  9. Amy: Lolo Ferrari
  10. Jackie Wallace: Ariane Saint-Amour
  11. Karen Foley: Spantaneeus Xtasty
  12. Trina: Lisa Lipps
  13. Queen: Deena Duos
  14. Inque: Penelope Black Diamond
  15. Curaré: Mistress Rhiannon
  16. The Dee-Dees: Teddi Barrett
  17. Dottie: Minka
  18. Tayko: Kayla Kleevage
  19. Sable Thorpe: BB Gunns
  20. April Corso: Sarenna Lee
  21. Freon: Chelsea Charms
  22. Deanna Clay: Amy Anderssen
  23. Cynthia: Bianca Beauchamp
  24. Tigress: Miosotis Claribel
  25. Miss Winston: Melonie Tipps
  • NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no heavy bdsm, no rape , no futa, no pregnant sex.


  • Matt can either be the same age he was in the show, or he can be older.
  • The supersuit that Matt gains has a special fabric that can hide any bulges caused by its user’s proportions, which hides the bulge caused by his grown cock. The amulet can transform any fabric of clothes into that same fabric (Matt uses it on his clothes to hide the bulge caused by his grown cock, as well as on the clothes of any women in his harem to hide their new bodies)
  • Or if the women in his harem want to flaunt their new proportions, the amulet has memory alteration powers that Matt can use so that people won’t question their new proportions too much
  • Some of the smut scenes can also be between solely the women.
  • Possible super powers for Matt:
  1.  Super strength,
  2. flying,
  3. resiliency,
  4. super speed,
  5. x-ray vision,
  6. super hearing
  7. generation of energy and making of energy constructs
  • He also uses it to gives powers to the women in his harem that don’t have powers.
  • The order of the women he seduce is up to you
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