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Apparently some of my responses to reviews and author’s notes ran a little on the wordy side (oops! :blush:), so henceforth, whenever I am feeling a bit long-winded I’ll post my responses to reviews of my works here. This is also a great place to ask me questions about anything to do with my stories.

With that out of the way, I’ll start this off by posting my responses to reviews of chapter 19 (Monsters and Demons) of Mudbloods at Hogwarts:

@ ClaireR89: Lol!  :D ...Well, eventually something rotten will happen to Lucius Malfoy. As to the method of Rat removal - I had been planning that for a while as a bit of a tease as I did with Draco, Snape, and Lucius for Dramione, Snamione, Lumione, and Sirimione fans. Haha!  :D

@ Fantasy: Tentacle Hentai is one of my guilty pleasures - glad you liked that scene. Keeping one of the babies... Lol! :D ...I guess I did make that birthing scene a bit cuter than I thought it would be.

As to the horcruxes, I did actually mention them being destroyed already in an earlier chapter, and I reference that again in this chapter.

As to the quick deaths.... Aaaaaw! I liked those deaths. Sure, they may have been relatively quick, but they were gory, they were all screaming, and I guarantee that they were all in agony before they died. Anyway, it was the only thing that fit the manner of their deaths.

@ Ladyedgecombe: Well, most spells in Harry Potter aren't linked to the caster once the spell has been cast; that goes for curses too. And I always try to stay close to canon principles in my stories.

In regards to the Dark Marks of the other Death Eaters, they aren't actually all directly linked to Voldemort and each other in that manner. Rather, the link is more separate, with the connection only being in the form of a communication spell. But as the spell was originally cast by Voldemort, the Marks do contain Voldemort's magical signature. Any Death Eater in direct contact with Harriet's accidental magic would have died in the same way - arms exploding and their nervous systems fried as the Mark is sort of a conductor. Wormtail didn't die in that manner because he wasn't directly exposed to the accidental magic, being in Hermione's vagina at that point.

As to Dumbledore, he was fairly certain (though not 100%) that Harriet would survive, as Lily's Sacrificial Protection is permanent. This is true even in canon. Harry survived Voldy's AK in the forest during the final battle because the protection was still on him (and even doubled because Voldy had taken Harry's blood in GoF). 

In regards to Quirrelmort's Killing Curse, he got it off at the same time as Harriet's accidental magic went off. Harriet's accidental magic isn't really a backlash of the curse, but a magical expression of her emotional state (sort of like Carrie in the Stephen King movie Carrie). My theory is that a rebounding killing curse would have simply killed Voldemort without blowing him up (this is evidenced in the forest scene--where he and Harry are both just knocked unconscious--and during the final showdown).

Killing Curses usually kill people without even leaving any marks, so it doesn't really make any sense that a rebounding Killing Curse would blow somebody up. The only reason it supposedly left a scar on Harry at all, is because the sacrificial magic shield protected him, but the impact of the AK nonetheless apparently caused some sort of discharge which essentially burned Harry's skin where it hit (think of it as an electrical burn), i.e., it wasn't the Killing Curse itself which left the scar.   

So it had to be Harry's accidental magic which blew up Voldy in canon too, if logical rules hold (not that Rowling is always logically consistent with her magical rules).

In any case, even though accidental magic is accidental, you know Harry - he feels guilty about anything he thinks he might be responsible for. That holds true in this story too, as you can see from this chapter.



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