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Guest Lissa Dream & Snowblind12

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Guest Lissa Dream & Snowblind12

Synopsis: Forced to leave the UK after Voldemort wins the war, Hermione finds herself alone and on the run. Desperate for income, she makes choices she’s never dreamed of. Her one beacon of happiness is her little boy and she would do anything for him. Things become complicated when a certain Death Eater happens upon her and takes advantage of her situation. HG, SS, LM, NM, V, GW, OC

About our AN's: We realize that this first chapter has lots of notes from us as authors - this is the ONLY chapter you will find with long notes until you reach the last two that have been posted. We delete old author notes and guest responses after every two chapters. (Example, when we posted chapter 3, chapter 1's notes were removed.) We left the notes on this chapter because they do a few things: They give you the story synopsis that is too long for the little description field, they tell you about us as co-writers, they tell, they give you ways to interact with us outside of FFN, and they also give you warnings and tags for the story.

BETAS: Any chapter that does not have a BETA's name at the top has not been BETA'd. We beg forgiveness on all errors. We are not professional editors. We do go over our work numerous times before posting. We even do a final read through out loud as the very last thing before posting. We hate mistakes! LissaDream is particularly good with punctuation, spelling, grammar, and structure. However – we are both human.

We've had Beta's in the past, but their lives are either so busy they can't keep up with our output, or they decide they no longer wish to do it. If you are interested in being a BETA for us - please PM us. What we want from a BETA is help catching mistakes - such as grammar, spelling, wrong form of a word (ie: taught instead of taut) - and structural suggestions - such as "these words can be deleted" or "you've used this word three times in the last paragraph". We are not looking for assistance with plot or characters.

Thanks for reading despite any mistakes you may find!

INTERACT WITH US: We both have Tumblr accounts and we have a joint Facebook Account. We post pictures of what we imagine our characters to look like along with photos that inspire descriptions on these sites. Along with those, we interact with our fans and post when we update. Find us:


Tumblr: LissaDream AND SnowBlind12


No need to leave a review OR read this story if you are going to complain about OR if the following things bother you:

1. Character Pairing: If you don't like a Slytherin/Hermione pairing, move on. This story is not for you
2. Age Difference of Character Pairing: The age gap just ISN'T that big of a deal.
3. Any of the following tags:

Possible Adult Tags: Adult situations, graphic sex, adult language, dubious consent, non-consensual, anal sex, BDSM, bi-sexual, Domination, submission, double penetration, Dominant/submissive relationships, exhibitionism, hurt/comfort, hand job, humiliation, heterosexual relationship, homosexual relationships, Master/slave, oral sex, rimming, masturbation, spanking, use of a variety of sex toys and BDSM implements/tools, con/non-con, bondage, suspension, sensory deprivation, orgasm denial, edging, role playing, public nudity, public sex, outdoor sex, one night stand, breath control, character death, blackmail, threesomes or moresomes. More tags to be added as necessary. Not all of these are guaranteed to be in this story.

Read at your own risk.

This story is not for everyone and we understand if it's not your thing! That's the great thing about fanfiction, there's something for everyone. Simply move on if this story isn't for you ;o)

Reviews: We LOVE reviews and PMs. We also like FAVORITES and FOLLOWS and KUDOS and DRAGON PRINTS and VOTES. But we LOVE reviews more! We welcome your thoughts, your speculations, your suggestions, your hopes, your dislikes, your passion, your emotions. We welcome your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. What we don't welcome are FLAMES - they are not necessary and WILL be deleted - just walk away if you don't like it. We don't need to hear from you.

We read EVERY SINGLE REVIEW and REVEL in them. We do OUR BEST to respond reviews - especially if there are questions. However, the more time we spend on reviews, the less time we have to write. We really enjoy the comradery and interaction that Archive of Our Own offers, and tend to be the most active on that site in regard to reviews. Feel free to find us over there!

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