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I'm 18 years old me and my girlfriend just broke up why because her drunk sister kissed me and was trying to have sex with me as I was trying to stop her my girlfriend saw us and thought I was the one who started it so now I'm in a bar ( I have a fake ID that I use to get drinks) trying to drown my sorrows when I see my mom with her best friend

When I was younger I had a crush on mom's best friend she has short hair and C cup breasts I never tried anything due to her being happily married and I never had any sexual feelings for my mom until now seeing her in her sexy dress my mom has long hair and D cup breasts and she is also happily married

I watched as some men and one woman go up to them trying to hit on them but all was turned down instantly I decided to go closer to hear what they are saying

When I got close enough to hear them mom's phone ring it's was dad unfortunately the car that he and mom's best friend's husband broke down and they won't be able to make it to the bar unfortunately both mom and her friend was now a little drunk

The next man to try hating on mom's friend convinced her come join his Booth his friends and not long after that a man got mom to follow him to the bathroom

I followed them into the bathroom I saw mom get on her knees and start to take his his pants off I take out my phone and start recording mom giving him a blowjob after he cums mom turned around pulled her dress up a bit and took off her thong and let him fuck her in the ass when he was about to cum she had him cum on her face he tried to get mom to let him fuck her pussy but she refused and left as I was leaving I saw mom's friend getting gangbanged at the booth she went to I quickly took a picture then went home

The next morning after dad left it was just me and mom I told her what I saw even showed her the video she begged me not to tell dad she also said that she only did that because she was drunk and disappointed dad couldn't make it to the bar with them I told her that I won't tell anyone but only if she'll let me fuck her when ever and where ever I want she tried to get me to change my mind but after seeing that I was about to send dad the video she agreed I took Mom to her room and had her get naked for me letting me see her D cup breasts and shaved pussy for the first time

Optional if you want you can also blackmail the mom's friend to

The mom and her friend had never cheated before and where the mom came to her senses after letting the man fuck her in her ass her friend didn't and was getting fucked in her pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time

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