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Guest Shakarian Fangirl

Part-Turian Femshep/Garrus

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Guest Shakarian Fangirl

I remember a really good fanfic about a romance between Femshep and Garrus starting at the beginning of ME1 where Shepard is a quarter Turian and her mother was half Turian. She was in the beginning of her heat cycle when she recruits Garrus but Garrus is hella confused why she smells like a Turian in heat, due to Shepard being a human. Shepard could use the Turian form of sub-vocals and knew that Garrus was interested, and so on and so forth, eventually leading up to a point where she meets with his father trying to convince him to accept her, I do not believe it was finished but I was thinking of continuing it where the writer left off. For the life of me I cannot find it anywhere and it doesn’t help that I forgot the name as well. I tried asking on reddit but nobody has even looked at my post. It was one of my favorite fanfics and I am unsure whether it is still on the internet. I really hope someone out there can find it for me.

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