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Izuku: The Auto Adapting Hero

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Izuku is born with a very unique and flat out overpowered quirk. Lovingly dubbed “Hyper Darwinism,” this rare quirk automatically mutates Izuku’s body and gives him any powers he needs to meet whatever situation he’s faced with. For example, if he’s fighting a person with a strength enhancing quirk like All Might, he can develop numerous abilities to oppose him like emitting a poison to knock him out instantly or even nullify his quirk, becoming intangible so All Might can’t touch him, or even copy the effects of All for One and meet All Might head on. And while this sounds amazing, there is one critical “flaw” if you could call it that. The quirk automatically adapts Izuku’s body to meet every task at hand, great and small. This means that he can’t go through the day without his quirk activating to help him with the most ordinary of dilemmas, from forcing him to remember where he left lost objects, to stretching his arms to get the TV remote. It even affects his mental state, like forcing him to stay angry in order to beat down his foes, which just so happen to include a certain explosive bully and his cronies.

And this, of course, translates into his affinity to girls. Everytime he sees a girl he thinks looks remotely pretty, his body emits pheromones that reduces even the most prudent of women into slobbering whores hungry for Midoria’s trouser snake and even turned said snake into a kitty pleasing weapon of mass destruction. This has happened before multiple times with girls in his class, clueless strangers, and even made the mother of his bestie turned bully, Bakugo, happily give him a sloppily eager BJ (Thankfully, no one ever found out about this, as that would lead to whole slew of new legal problem on it’s own). Now Izuku is in UA High, and desperately trying to keep his Quirk under control from turning the female students and teachers of UA his personal cumdumps and keep himself from looking like some womanizing perve. But that’s not definitely not going to happen, so Izuku will just have to enjoy the feeling of his new ona-holes. At least his quirk also makes his donkey automatically lubes his dong!

This is an Izuku/Harem story request because I see a stunning lack of BNHA stories around. The of how the girls doesn’t matter, so long as they adhere to these ground rules.

  1. Izuku’s length and girth shifts from an average 6-7 inches to a wide and long 12-14 gut buster.
  2. All girls become enamored with Izuku through his pheromones that increase libido and loosen inhibitions.
  3. Izuku hasto be against this at first, but his quirk gradually eases his mind to it.
  4. The writer, that being you can have any female from the series in any order. 
  5. No yaoi, scat, watersports, pegging, heavy BDSM, or rape.

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On 5/20/2018 at 3:08 AM, Determined-OverLord said:

This would be a GLORIOUS fanfic! One question: Can Izuku`s quirk actually gender bend someone into a girl, like if he thinks if this guy would look better as a female, his Quirk causes said person to become female?

No really, His quirk only works on himself. At most, he could copy Eraser Head’s ability to tale other quirks away, but that’s it. I guess you can have that if you really want, but I wouldn’t’t recommend that.

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