Rukia wants Kurosaki dick

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Set after Yhwach's defeat Rukia realized she had feeling for Ichigo so she went to Karakura Town to confess she decided to surprise him by going in though his window only to find Ichigo and Orihime naked and having sex Ichigo was embarrassed Rukia was disappointed that she was apparently too late in realizing her feelings but she doubts even if she confessed before Orihime he would still choice Orihime because her body is sexer and more womanly then hers (aka bigger breasts a batter ass and better figure) Rukia decided instead of causing trouble for the young couple tell them that she just wanted to visit she even teases them about their relationship then Orihime said something that shocked both Rukia and Ichigo Orihime said to thank Rukia for all she did for her and Ichigo why not join them once Rukia acted like it was no big deal but agreed to Rukia's joy Ichigo was fucking her but to her disappointment you refuse to come inside her pussy years later Rukia had settled on marrying Renji and having her daughter Ichika Abarai while she Renji and Ichika Karakura Town she couldn't take her eyes off of Ichigo and Orihime's son Kazui Kurosaki and she decided if she can't have Ichigo's dick again (the three-way was a one time thing) she'll just have to seduce Kazui with out any one knowing

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