High School D×D the Occult Research Club new Double D

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Great Red was bored one day and decided to seal himself away inside a human to see how it feels to be Ddraig and Albion years later the unborn girl grow up to be a sexy 17 year old it's your choice on how she looks like but she has to have long hair, DD cup breasts, a great ass, and a shaved pussy her name can be anything you want but I'll be calling her Kasumi to make it easier to write this challenge

Kasumi is a lesbian and she enjoys looking at her classmates when they are charging or in the shower (when on the shower she'll randomly grope someone's breasts or feel someone's ass) nearly every female student had been seduced by her even the pure straight girls (they usually say that she ruined men for them or they became bisexual) nearly all the perverts look up to her (mainly out of fear because the school had to groups of pervert the breasts lovers and she ass lovers she overheard them arguing beat the shit out of them and then lectured them on how a woman body like a work of art and how all of her must be enjoyed since then looks two groups became one)

One day after having sex with a girl after gym class Kasumi walked in the locker room to find a guy stealing underwear after chasing him down and beat him up Kasumi went to return the underwear only whenKasumi got there the owner of the underwear saw her putting in and assumed she was stealing them after that Kasumi was expelled her parents managed to get her transferred to a new school the school was called Kuoh Academy Kasumi was on her own because she has a sibling who still goes to the old school

On her first day at Kuoh Academy Kasumi met the with with Rias and did something that she never that did before she fell in love with her (mostly with her body at first) Kasumi somehow joined the Occult Research Club and became Rias's Rook (I know that means Rossweisse wouldn't reborn as a devil but if you want Rossweisse can be used in some other was) being reborn as a devil made Kazumi's sacred gear awaken your choice on what all it can do but it has to have these abilities Daydream ability that make Kazumi's desires real that power to go into people dreams and illusions she can't control these abilities that well at first for example the Daydream ability happens randomly she can only go in other people's dreams if she is asleep close by them when she gets better/mastered her powers Kasumi can you use the Daydream ability whenever she wants be awake when she go in someone dreams or when she asleep can going to almost anyone to dream from a long distance away Illusions can become real

After Awakening her sacred gear Kasumi an only activated Daydreamer imagining her and Rias having sex and to both their surprise Rias started making out with Kasumi and removing their clothes after having sex Rias got a summon (aka Issei) the next day Rias was telling Kasumi what they did yesterday was a mistake and won't ever happen again a few days later after Kasumi and Issei meet the other club members Kasumi was giving Rias the contract she got when she got distracted and randomly activated daydreamer again she was imagining fucking Rias on her desk when she felt her clitoris growing Kasumi asked Rias if this was normal for devils showing Rias her now dick like clitoris Rias tells Kasumi no she never seen or heard that happening Rias said that it might go back to normal after Kasumi cums Kasumi asked Rias if she'll help her Rias never even seen a dick before she was reluctant to do anything but gave in and gave Kasumi a hand job after Kasumi cums to Rias horror it didn't go back to normal Kasumi convinced Rias to give her a titty fuck then a blowjob after getting cummed on and swallowing Kazumi's cum and seeing that shes not normal yet got on her desk and told Kasumi hoping it would turn her back to normal just fuck me Kasumi then took Rias's virginity afterwards they noticed it did not go back to normal Rias exhausted tells Kasumi she'll have to deal with it for now (your choice if she returns to normal or stay that way if you have her return to normal Kasumi randomly regrow it again and when she masters Daydreamer make it happen to fuck the girls that becomes her harem)

What's else happens is up to you

Kasumi harem has to have

Rias main girl/ Kazumi's girlfriend her three sizes are B99-W58-H90 cm

Akeno her three sizes are B102-W60-H89 cm

Koneko her three sizes are B67-W57-H73 cm

and your choice between Xenovia her three sizes are B87-W58-H88 cm or Irina her three sizes are B87-W59-H89

Kuroka her three sizes are B98-W57-H86 cm not long after Kuroka joins Kazumi's harem she Kasumi and Koneko have a threesome and yes Kuroka and Koneko do sexual acts on each other

your choice if anyone joins Kazumi's harem

Not to be mean to the Issei he has a harem to his harem has 

Asia the first one to join his harem she his main girl/girlfriend her three sizes are B78-W55-H81 cm not long after she lost her virginity to Issei and taking his wanting to be the best devil she can be she looks up ways to do it (like in the Omake #6) she decided to seduce men but was nervous and she couldn't ask her boyfriend to help her (because she's not nervous around him) goes to test out her seducing techniques on Kiba but runs into Kasumi instead who convince Asia to test it out on her Kasumi ends up fucking Asia and even taking her anal virginity Issei never finds out that his girlfriend cheated on him but he did find her afterwards and convinced her not to do anything and asked if she tried it on any men to which she says no

Issei also gets your choice of either Xenovia or Irina

if you want to add anyone else to his harem you can but he or his harem isn't the focus of the story

issei can pev on Kasumi or her harem but he knows that he can look but not touch (because he's sure if he tries any thing he's dead)

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