Fairly Odd Parents Miss Dimmsdale challenge

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Takes place doing the Miss Dimmsdale episode after Timmy wished he was a judge for the Miss Dimmsdale Pageant

(At this part of the story is in the point of view of Timmy's mom) Timmy's mom was confident she could win without cheating but when she found out that Timmy was a judge he might not pick her due to being his mom she tells her husband to go on ahead she'll go with Timmy

(Now it's Timmy's point of view for the rest of the story) Timmy's mom told him that if he votes for her she'll show him she'll show him another outfit that only his dad ever seen and she even do something that she only ever done with him as well Timmy curious on what she's talking about agrees she tells him to follow her to her Timmy's mom took Timmy to her room had Timmy get on her bed and while facing him takes off her bikini showing her nude body to him (your choice what her breast size and she shas ashaved pussy) she then having sex with Timmy)

At the end Timmy's mom lost thanks to Vicky cheating and Timmy's dad winning Timmy tells his mom that he sorry that she lost only for her to tell him let's go home for another round

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