Mass Effect alternative Shepherd

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Shepherd was born on Earth she never knew her family and she ended up in a gang called the Tenth Street Reds but when it started looking like the gang was starting to get involved with stuff she didn't want to be part of like Red Sand and more anti-aliens was joining the gang she jumped on the next ship to Omega (truthfully took a few ships to get there)

As she was traveling there she was looking into some of the gangs on Omega to join she ruled out the blood pack the next one looked promising the Blue Suns but when she saw the third one she knew she wanted to join the Eclipse why Shepherd has always been a lesbian but she also can't keep a human girlfriend for more than a month because of her find sorry because wow she is attracted to other women she's more attracted to Asari

When she sets foot on Omega her plan was to find a way to get into Eclipse but was distracted buy Afterlife she entered not long after getting in a few drunk Batarians started a fight with her that end with Shepherd having to fight Batarians, Turians, and Krogans in a fist fight which Shepherd only using one of her arm/hand as one of was holding her drink after the fight was over she was told Aria wanted to see her Shepherd wasn't going to see her until she noticed that Aria was an Asari Aria offered Shepherd a job working for her the pay was great she gets free dances as well as VIP privileges that let her have sex with the dancers something that olny Aria was allowed to do

Shepherd was a master at hand to hand combat and using guns one day she met a Female Quarian she was the first Quarian Shepherd ever see they because good friends with the Quarian teaching Shepherd all she knew about electronics and hacking and helped Shepherd become a master at it what Shepherd talk to her is up to you

Then one day the Quarian heard of Shepherd sexual abilities she didn't believe it could be true especially nothing hearing she managed to seduce a per of Asari twins Shepherd told her it all true but the Quarian wanted proof she told Shepherd that if she can seduce her she'll believe her the Quarian never thought that Shepherd could do it especially since the Quarian was straight and was only attracted to Turians she died not long after that not from the sex they was careful no she died by a stupid fight between two Krogan

A few years after joining Aria Shepherd was doing a job for Aria that forced her to leave Omega she ended up stranded on an strange asteroid when she was rescued Shepherd had found out that she gained biotic abilities that rivals that of an Asari Matriarchs but she had trouble controlling it ( your choice if Shepherd mastered it or if she is still trying to gain control during the story) Shepherd be came Aria right hand/secret weapon she rarely left Omega except do jobs that Aria couldn't trust other people to do one job had her go to Eden Prime to get a Prothean beacon

how the rest of the story goes is up to you but stuff that is required Shepherd had many lovers form Lowst to most Quarian just the one the one human your choice how many women Shepard been with then the most Asari she even has sex with Aria but only when Aria and Tevos meeting in secrecy to keep their relationship a secret something only Shepherd was trusted with the knowledge of but none of them had any love in them just sex the only other thing that is required is that Shepherd has to fall in love with Liara when she first laid eyes on her your choice when they get together

something optional I would like some time after Shepherd and Liara get together Liara wanted to do something to show how much she loves her and remembering that Shepherd really enjoyed having a three-way with the Asari twins (she learned of it though Shepard's memories) so Liara decided to find another Asari to join them in bed just one time even though she wasn't comfortable doing it and she unknowingly chooses to invite Aethyta her own father to have the three-way with ( Aethyta agrees mainly to keep Liara from finding out who she is she didn't expect to have to be touching her daughter doing sex she thought she'll only be touching Shepherd and maybe at most touching her daughters titts but end up not only touching them she also sucked on them made out with her daughter and ate her Azure and Liara does it to her to)

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