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Guest Me!

Reborn! (KHR) [Fran x Varia Girl; Tomboyisch; Mission with the Vongola]

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Guest Me!

Im looking for a fanfic I read a year ago (or 2).

It was about Fran having a girlfriend (tomboy like) and Bel and he made fun about her with lead to a fight between Fran and her.

The Vongola needed help with a mission because they needed a girl, so the Varia helped out.

She had to dess pretty for a dance (or something like a fancy party) and the Varia boys made fun of her because of her being a tomboy.

Fran later gets her to go the party and is impressed by her beauty because he nearly forgot how stuning she could be (because of ther ongoing quarrel. (there ar also some juicy scenes)

they get the mission done, some fighting und i also remember she undresses herselfe but i dont know if its because she can't fight in it or why.

I realy liked the fanfic because fran was written so good and i would like to read it again.

If someone know this one please help i can't find it anymore T.T

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