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Looking for an old Naruto/Hinata with minor Naruto/Ino

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I read a really good fanfic, and I believe it was on this site. I've really had the urge to give it a second read, but I can't find it for the hell of me. Essentially, Naruto is super depressed and is trying to find his meaning in life. Hinata comes along and tries to help him recover and eventually becomes his partner. Naruto is still doubting himself, and wonders if all these people that say that they love him are just using him or giving him pity. Ino comes later in the story and starts out by helping Hinata, giving her advice on how to better pleasure Naruto, but eventually ends up falling for Naruto herself.

If it helps, I can remember two scenes. In one, Naruto goes out to pick up food and leaves a bunch of clones to pleasure Hinata. In another, Ino stops by to give Naruto head, finishes up and leaves. Then Sakura rolls in a little while later and Naruto is all like, "are you here to give suck my dick too?", And Sakura beats the shit out of him.



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