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Harry Potter dark creature story

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Guest bigpapabelial

Okay so here is the premise of the story as I remember it.

Harry turns out to have a dark creature inheritence. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it was something like a dragon or snake. I can’t quite recall. It turned him into a big, handsome dark haired, freckle skinned hottie as the story said. He relished in blood letting, and had some sort of intimidation and fear aura.

Needless to say in the story he flipped off the light and joined Voldemort. Mostly because in the story he got together with Bellatrix who more or less took his v-card, and also took it upon herself to reward Harry with sex anytime he fell deeper and deeper to the darkness.

Along side this main story of Harry joining Voldie and he and Bellatrix fucking each others brains out was another secondary plot. Where Tonks was revealed to be a undercover death eater, and really into bondage. She was scarred, her face I mean, was cut some time before the story began and the face she presented to everyone was all part of her metamorphing ability. But the thing that made her interesting is that Tonks took it upon herself to corrupt Hermione, who was worried about Harry. And in doing so Hermione discovered that she’s a blood mage, and a really damn good one at that.

I remember other little bits of the story besides but that was the gist of it more or less. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the story, but I want to get back at it because it was really awesome. And the idea of a hot Bellatrix and really hot creature Harry had me going when I read it.

Anyone lend me a hand here?

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