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I had an idea for a kind of series of Ben 10 stories, but I won’t be getting to them anytime soon in my life time. That is way I am challenge/request for anyone who wants to give these a try.
Each story is kind of a follow up/squeal to the last one, so try to do that.

  1. Ben’s Summer of Sex
    1. Ben get the watch
    2. This is just Ben and Qwen
    3. They try out different aliens during sex
  2. Ben’s Summer of Sex 2: Ben’s Ben-bos
    1. This would be the harem building story
    2. Use female characters from the show
      1. aliens and humans
      2. OCs are allowed
    3. Have up to a total of 10 women
      1. Qwen is the harem queen
      2. Focus on just the first series women
        1. Not Alien Force or Ultimate Alien
          1. Unless you REALLY want to
    4. You can change the title
    5. Alien sex is welcome
  3. Ben’s School of Sex
    1. Now back home, Ben’s builds a second harem from his school
      1. Students
      2. Teacher and Staff (if you want)
    2. 10 more women
    3. Alien sex is welcome

If you have any question, feel free to ask.
Just leave a reply if you want to do these stories.

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