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Cupid's Revenge and Gabe's Stepdaughter

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Guest Elia

Posiedon pisses off Cupid for some reason or another and since Cupid can’t get revenge directly (being a minor God to Posiedon’s major God), he decides to take out his ire on Poseidon’s lover and kid. He uses Gabe Ugliano as his form of revenge, shooting him with sexuality arrows that make his scent irresistible to women that he wants to attract, enlarging his dick, making him super-virile and, as a cherry on top, making him attracted to his stepdaughter, Persephone Jackson. This could start at any point in the series, depending on if you want Gabe to start off with Sally and then move his way to Percy or to focus on Percy (note: he’ll be married to Sally the entire time, so the Medusa incident can’t happen). Gabe starts perving on his stepdaughter, watching her shower through a hole in the wall, ‘accidentally’ feeling her up, jacking off in her meals, etc. Percy is creeped out by this and struggles at first (dubcon please) but Cupid’s scent overcomes her eventually and Gabe ends up taking all of her holes at once. Maybe Percy has Daddy Issues and starts calling him that too. A scene where she gives him a breakfast blowjob, gets fucked over the kitchen table/in the main bedroom or takes a shower with him would be good. Gabe should eventually escalate to not thinking twice before groping his stepdaughter or pulling her down on his lap for a quickie and Percy should get off on being used like this. She would get pregnant with his kid in the end.

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