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Two fics lost to the internet, hp/dm/ss and hp/tmr

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HP/DM/SS Misunderstanding fiction

Harry overhears draco and Severus talking about how he's not a slytherin an it's inconvenient not to be fully bonded. He mmisunderstands and he leaves, even though his magic struggles without the bond-net they have formed. He goes without speaking to them and avoids them as much as possible. Hermione and Ron are having a baby, and as their healer Harry uses them as an excuse to hide. I remember this one made a big deal of the house elf welcoming Harry home and after he's been dragged back it tells him the home isn't as settled as it was when Harry was there all the time.


Cinderella Harry Potter

Voldemort/Tom is the 'prince' and harry is the abused servant of his muggle family. Lucius and Severus save him from freezing to death on the coach, and get Harry fixed up and keep him safe. Tom saves Harry from his uncle's abuse and decides to pick Harry as his successor. It takes them a while to get involved. The sequel involved Bellatrix addicting tom to black magic, and Harry fighting against the influence and saving himself from his former demons.


Both of them are lost to me- I worry they may have been on HP Fandom before it was deleted, and I just can't find the right keywords to find them in the archive on Ao3. The only other sites would be livejournal, and Ao3. I've been hunting for hours. Any help is appreciated ^^

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