The remaking of Joyce Summers: The servitude of Sappho. Full Authors notes and feedback

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The remaking of Joyce Summers: The servitude of Sappho.



Author’s notes:


For those of you who have read Imago: The Seduction of Arlene – this is the first chapter of originating parent fic that gave birth to it.


If you *have* read Imago/Arlene; firstly – thank you and thanks for giving this a go; and second, well – you’ll know what to expect – assuming that you had time in your life to slog through my *extensive* author’s explanatory notes for that fic. If you did – thanks again.


For those of you who haven’t read Imago (please do – I mean *please*!) some basics:


This fic is completely AU. In this universe there are no Slayers, no Vamps, Demons, Witches, Magic or supernatural powers of any kind. If that’s a deal-breaker for some – and I understand that it might be – sorry – it’s just how this fic wrote itself.


By way of a brief explanation of the reason for that – I started out wanting to write a fic that had the feel of Rebecca’s ‘Housewives at Play’ comic books (which I love – in a way that I really *ought* to have grown out of!) where kinky lesbian sex appears rife in a part of small town America; where a whole community seems to have marginalised and excluded men in order to indulge in every lesbian coupling imaginable and I found myself seeing the two communities of Sunnydale and Sunnyvale as interchangeable. For those of you who know HAP – in my head Joyce became a sort of avatar for the Cathy character and much of the rest just followed in time.


However, I quickly found that trying to combine both fandoms into a coherent story *completely* beyond my abilities. So I found myself removing the supernatural element of BTVS [etc] and the fic became wholly AU. Which to be honest – had its benefits as it allowed me free range to mix up the pairings and introduce non-canon, OC and crossover characters without having to retain continuity.


To be honest – in the end I’m not even sure I’ve managed to keep the comic book feel really – partly because when I write I can’t help but constantly try to explain the motives and rationale behind my characters decisions and actions in order to try to achieve a suspension of disbelief in the reader – which means that I lose some of the frenetic pace and exaggerated styling of a comic book story. And partly because of the way the fic opened up in my mind meant that it moved away from some of the wilder idea in HAP.


By way of illustration I started out with Chapters called things like ‘Dominated Dame’s Dramatic Debut’; ‘The Punishable Panty Prohibition’; ‘Tramp in Training’; ‘A MIlf and her Mistress’; and ‘Stripped and Strapped and Stretched’ but as the story wrote itself I lost sight of some of that comicbook-ness.


So while some of the crazy is still there I think it’s become something different from the original intention


I think in the end I’ve ended up with a sort of comicbook/soap/fanfic hybrid*


Whatever – it is what it is and I can’t apologise for that. 


As I say - as with most of my stories it all really rather wrote itself, expanding beyond the original narrative, sweeping up numerous other characters both significant and minor in an ever growing cast of characters.


On which subject – in an attempt to create a wider reality – I’ve co-opted characters from various fandoms (apologies to lovers of those who might feel slighted) and at the same time created a number of original characters of my own – including Dayna Penshaw (Janice’s mom), Arlene (Joyce’s sister) and a whole handful of others of varying degrees of insignificance for the tale and whom I have, in a moment of complete self-indulgence cast as if for TV. The purpose of these might be to give context to a world in which lesbian seduction is normal though for me it’s just about playing around with a world in which D/s lesbian relationships are commonplace – I guess that’s maybe a *little* bit political – and a lot because I’m a dirty old woman! 


There are also a number of ‘break-out’ scenes – I’ve called them Intermezzi –which do not fit the main narrative and are mainly intended to be simple sketches of what else is going on in my weird little lesbian world. Some are longer than others (it was from one of these that Imago developed and there may be other ‘spin-offs’ that arise as well) and relate to subsequent plot-line but mainly they are brief scenes or pastiches of several scenes and again for those who know HAP they are intended to function like those in Rebecca’s books of single sketches.


Some will perhaps all find this distracting – and the numerous interstices in which they figure. The purpose of these was to create a look and feel for this milieu, filling in the gaps.


But again – I apologise if it spoils the story for some but it was really just how it wrote itself – honest! 


This was also, in large part, why I have struggled with this so much over the years – and it was a lot of years.


I started this fic sometime around 10 years ago and worked on it quite hard for a long time until it started to just grown bigger and bigger spinning out of control. Believe me when I say – this is the stripped back, slimmed down version – though I admit that a little critical editing probably wouldn’t have gone amiss. I’ve picked it up on a couple of occasions to try to run with it but until I actually finished the spin off: Imago (which as I say only started as a brief scene within a scene touching on a minor semi-O/C character) that I really started to get a grip on it.


Even now it remains incomplete but I’ve managed to progress the first few chapters to the point where I can publish them. I have to issue fair warning – I’m not expecting to complete the whole thing any time soon!


At present I’ve pretty much written almost half the total fic – though some of it still needs finishing, polishing and proofing. Of the second half about two thirds is in rough form and the rest is unwritten (though mostly in place in my head). I reckon I’ll probably have that first half complete this year and the rest next but no promises.


I’ll try to post Chapter 2 in the next few weeks if RL doesn’t prove too intrusive.


In other words – I am going to try your patience. I’m not a quick writer at the best of times – real life gets in the way – and this is a real stretch for me anyway.


Lastly – a personal confession: as I mentioned there is a fair amount of self-indulgence in this. This ranges from the inclusion of Piper Halliwell for example (Holly Marie Coombs has, much to my long suffering g/f’s bemusement, been somewhere near the top of my ‘freebie’ list for nearly 20 years) to the ‘casting’ of various actresses that make my heart pound (and if you’ve read ‘Imago’ you’ll already know about how this works) like Madeline Stowe, Danica McKeller or Sara Ramirez; and all the way to the inclusion of a number of personal fetishes (young Domme/older sub, sexual ‘reprogramming’, public nudity, intimate body piercing and tattoos, BDSM weddings…the list goes on) – as I said self-indulgence – I hope this doesn’t piss too many of you off!


Anyway – as always – I’d love to hear your feedback – even the critical – though please be gentle…I’m a sensitive soul! No I am! Really!



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I’m liking it; mostly the drama of having Faith wind up Buffy’s stepmom- just a little weakness of mine you might say with regard to how this leads to massive, and I do mean *massive* amounts of drama… then it appears that she gives her away to someone else to be that woman’s personal slave, or so it seems; that’s something else that I enjoy. I also love the way Miss Summers’s rival from school is now her other mother… this is, all in all, one truly kooky set of relationships, and one that I’m completely loving reading.

Not the *behavior* mind you for what I love, but rather the *drama* that results from the behavior going on here; I hope this doesn’t offend you, Ma’am (again, being polite- I don’t see any reason to be rude to a neighbor- I could address you as “Miss” if that suits you better in your preferences of title, it’s up to you, or I could address you by your first name, but that doesn’t seem secure in this forum aside from the private messages, so I’m unlikely to do that.), but you did say you wanted people to review and to be gentle, which I’m trying to do both here. In conclusion of this statement prior to your reply, I want to say that I do not want to fight at all, I’m loving this little universe you’ve made here, and don’t want to lose it or discourage it- the behavior is a totally different story, but the story itself is what I want to take delight in.

Sincerely your fan;


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Thanks for the feedback - I do really appreciate it.

I really don't mind what you call me though.

I'm working hard on part 3 but completion of that is still a way off. So much so that I might have to post it in two parts.

Unfortunately it won't feature any Faith-as-Buffy's-stepmom drama really - I just don't really see that fitting in.

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Okay, Ma’am; I welcome whatever elements you elect to put in, but in your series you’re writing that includes these women, is Buffy also going to be her sister’s mother-in-law? If so, that’s one peculiar family as far as how people are related to oneanother!

From your replies to me; I guessed that Dayna would marry Buffy, making Buffy Janice’s stepmom, and hence, if Dawn and Janice wed (which is likely in your story- from the context you’ve said you plan to have in it, and it being a love story- and believe me, I’m *NOT* against that detail!), the logically, Buffy’s her sister’s mother-in-law; which is completely kooky to begin with and would generate multiple double-takes, and several repeated blinks, both of which are fun to watch happen, as well as a lot of “Huh?”’s going on there.

That quirkiness is definitely something I’m hoping goes on there; and now that I think it over, would Kendra be Dawn’s aunt or great-aunt, due to the confusing family bond going on there?

I loved the story ideas to your series, and really do hope for more, as well as having taken great delight in having Buffy and Satsu being friends but Buffy being on too short a leash to allow her to bed Satsu, but does Buffy’s mistress wed her, like the ways that Buffy’s mom and aunt were wedded to their mistresses? If so, that’s going to make for a most interesting little story to put it mildly!

To put it bluntly; this is a far more baffling family relationship than the one in OUAT, which has Henry being the stepson to his adopted great-grandmother; a baffling family relationship to put it simply.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love your story ideas, but I just need to understand them better, and you’ve been helping in the “PM Conversation” we’ve been writing back and forth to eachother, so lets keep up both means, if at all possible.

Sincerely your fan;


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Good; skimmed it in its entirety, enjoyed what I read of it by and large… currently eager for part four, Miss. I'm most eager, and I reviewed it, too! Mind you, my review (and the site's system doesn't record chapters- a trait that kind of bugs me, by the way!) isn't in as far as I've gotten… but I *did* love how Joyce moved Dayna into thinking of herself as a mistress; hey, what about this idea? Dayna forces Buffy to call her “Mistress Dayna”, or “Mistress Penshaw”, or, failing those, simply “Mistress”, but, for her own protection- as well as her ownership of Buffy (whom she sometimes addresses simply as “Bitch!”) that'd apply to when they're alone, or with Dayna's trusted friends. 

How's that bit of additional feedback sound to you, Miss?

Hope to hear back from you soon. Sincerely one of your hopefully many fans;


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Hey,  thanks for that - and your review - it's great to get some; and you're right the review function on the site is a pain. It doesn't allow authors to reply either.

I'm toiling through the next instalment - which is proving hard work - but we're getting there. I think you'll like the Dayna arc once I get it all worked out - it's complicated making it all fit.

Glad to know you enjoy the intermezzi - it means 'something [layers,  courses, floors] between others'. I use it to mean breaks.


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Miss, do you have a problem with me writing a story based on the Kennedy and Tara as girlfriends/lovers arc in your work? I just want to get public permission before I risk getting in trouble due to misunderstandings… I’m sure you understand.

You can get some of my ideas from our conversations on this site; I’m trying to be a gentleman here and upgrade my politeness in the process of concocting a story- I plan it to be mostly romance between them, but the “wild romance” common, or *reputed* to be common in such a community… not much sex, but genuine caring between those two females.

I also plan it be *within* the BtVS/AtS universe, so things like magic, and preternatural monsters and warriors, like in the television series and books, would be the case, but it’s mostly the two of them attending classes together and glancing towards eachother and things like winking- while thinking about how they plan to act up together in their dorm-room and the like- as a “coded message”, remember how Kennedy said that dealing with girls is like “flirting in code”, well, there’d be a lot of that between them.

It’d also be a crossover between BtVS/AtS and Earth Final Conflict, but a bit of one, as Kennedy Sandoval would be the niece of Ronald Sandoval, the FBI agent in that series who went bad, so she might be emailing him and the like; mostly genuine daily life between those two, but they would at times pick up girls at lesbian bars and take them to their bedroom to “bed them” (I’m pretty sure you know what I mean), especially if the girl’s pretty in a physical sense… Kenny might even get them drunk to see if they come on to her (a form of sexual assault- she might not have realized that by the way, as that conduct is disgusting, or she might’ve been boasting to Willow, she’s got her shady side- I’m talking legal sense, here, but that *is* the typical tactic of a rapist: get the victim drunk and then they’re unlikely to resist, so that’s scary if it’s in her personality… I love her, but I don’t blame those who don’t like her for that reason as a result.), a common misbehavior in college-age youngsters… and the two of them are pretty rebellious, that’s another touch I plan on putting in the story, if you’ll agree to let me help you by “sounding out” how they’d interact… I also plan on making more chaste loving encounters between the two of them, such as discussions on deep topics- and the basis of this in the show is that both Kennedy and Tara are somewhat nerdy in their personalities, they’re perfectionists, a touch proud as far as arrogance goes, and at least somewhat athletic (Tara rides horses, and I assume that Kennedy is involved in things like track and field- that kind of athletics and the sort)- a good mix of personality all in all.

What do you think of my overall idea, Miss?

Sincerely one of your hopefully many fans;


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