Draco Forcibly Feminized

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Honestly, I just want to see a full story featuring Draco being feminized and turned into a little sex toy

Doesn’t matter by who, doesn’t matter exactly how, just a full (preferably multi-chapter) story where Draco Malfoy is feminized and turned into a whore by one or more male characters, and any number of female characters during his years at Hogwarts

You can use what you want so long as it doesn’t go into squick territory (I’m talking bloodplay, castration, vore, stuff like that, beast and incest and stuff on that level is ok though), and he can be turned into a sissy or genderbent, only rule here is that he had to start off as male, and that it should be a process of training him to be a whore, not just ‘spell, oh he suddenly loves it and is a whore forever’

I’d prefer the dom to be Harry, but as said, anyone’s good,

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Ok… I have some writing that could be used for this, however I’d have certain provisos.

  1. I could only do this if it was set after their schoolyears (ie. Draco and co. are over eighteen)
  2. It would be mpreg, actually phantom pregnancy, but still.
  3. If that doesn’t count as squick, how about BDSM, humiliation, and non-consensual voyeurism? What about physical changes (ie. becoming hermaphrodite)?
  4. Anything I write on this theme is likely to be heavily psychological.
  5. I don’t write in HP. Would you be willing to talk plot and canon to bring this about?

A while ago I was toying with a collaboration that didn’t work out, and I wrote a couple of “scenes” for it. I don’t like having them hanging around, doing nothing.

You can see a sample of my writing style here:

If you’re still interested despite all those points, reply here or pm me.

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Guest Guest

While I’m not No_1 nor I am I trying to jack their request, your ideas have me intrigued pippychick. I’d like to see you take a stab at this challenge but totally understand if you don’t.

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I’m sorry about the very slow reply, my laptop broke and I was only able to get another after my next paycheck. 

  1. I’m perfectly fine with them being post-Hogwarts/over 18
  2. I’m ok with Mpreg
  3. I have no issue with what’s mentioned there, Squick for me tends to be the really really hard stuff
  4. Heavily psychological is good
  5. Sure thing

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Guest 65165

I would love to read this. Especially if he is feminized by Harry and his girlfriends(yes, plural). Harry will obviously be dominant. Even better, if Draco has betrothal contract with someone(or even multiple, if you entertain the idea of forming the betrothal contract under the assumption of him being Black heir) and Harry then cuckolding Draco, while humiliating him.

If someone has attempted it or found something similar, please share the link.

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