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The New Breed: Naruto v.s. Xenomorphs

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Author: Jungle_Drums (myself obviously)
Title: The New Breed
Summary: Team 8 open up a secret vault, expecting to find treasure. Instead Hinata gets a face full of alien wing wong by a mutant facehugger. Said facehugger instead of just implanting her with an Alien embryo, came equipped with a new evolutionary advantage that could make the Xenomorphs reproductive process a lot more efficient (and wreck biological havok on the ninjas). Its a battle between the ninjas and the Xenos for the soul of Hinata, and the survival of the human race.

I intend this more as a straight horror story with some elements of fetish to drive the narrative.

Feedback: I’ve gotten a couple of comments and want to hear more of what I’m doing right.
Fandom: Naruto and Alien crossover
Pairing: Let’s keep it simple and just say Hinata x everyone :D
Warnings: Being xenomorphs there is implied rape, and I plan on there being more. Oh and every female character that gets infected goess aggressively yuri.
Solo story or chaptered story: chaptered

Review Reply thread:

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