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Guest Nadidas

HELP! Finding a Labyrinth Fanfiction

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Guest Nadidas

I would be so happy if somebody could tell me that name/author of this fanfiction! It’s been bugging me for years and no matter what I haven’t been able to find it.

I know at one point that whilst at a party, one of Sarah’s ‘handmaid’s’ servant commits suicide because he doesn’t want to lose his mistress. There is also another part where Sarah sees rope marks on the same ‘handmaid’s’ wrists, this is after finally spending a night with Jareth’s bodyguard (?) who is infamous for having serious BDSM fetishes. 

I don’t know if this is part of the same fanfiction (or if I’m confusing it with another one!) but there’s a part where Jareth and this ‘bodyguard are angry of Sarah for giving a nurse a lock of her child’s hair as a ‘parting gift’ and had to spend all night burning every single strand, as their is the heir to the kingdom and his hair could be used for black magic against him.

Gosh this all sounds crazy, but i would be SUPER grateful if anyone could tell me the name of the story. 

Thankyou <3 

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