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The Quiet Before The Storm

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Author: ChrissyQuinn
Title: The Quiet Before the Storm
Summary: It's been 150 years since the great war, when the Northern Kingdoms of Selisle, Waes, and Sesslyn went to war against the great might of the Tulschian Empire. No one really won that war, and perhaps that's why tensions still run high when those of Tulsch cross the sea into the frigid north. Asiliyara has spent her entire life with her nose in a book. However, with her discovery of long forgotten powers that all changes. She finds herself thrust into the middle of a plot to send the Empire and the Kingdoms into war again. A plot that goes deeper than anyone really knows.
Feedback: greatly appreciated.
Fandom: Original!
Pairing: M/f
Rating: Adult +
Warnings: Violence
Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered


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