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Up for adoption//Adopted by Yami-Iko-Kami

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Topic Title- Naruto: Chained to the Whirlpool Rewrite

Topic Description: Up for adoption//Adopted by Yami-Iko-Kami

Post:Gravemind Chained to the Whirlpool Rewrite

Naruto > Het-Male/Female Naruto/Sakura

Summary: Everybody knows how Naruto and Sakura act toward each other. He loves her and she hates him but what if things were different and a certain blonde is going to get sucked into a world of pain and pleasure.

15 Chapters

Ino learns that because of an incident with the Kyuubi Sakura has become Naruto's slave and now she will be trained to be his next slave. (Basic plot along with any additional details you are interested in including, keeping in mind that if you include possible spoilers this is an open forum)How you would like to be contacted, PM is fine.

Adopting Author: Yami-Iko-Kami -

I authorize Yami-Iko-Kami to adopt this story.

Edited by BronxWench

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Alright thanks now all I have to do is promote and let people know I've adopted it and look over both Gravemind's original and rewrite for material. That's gonna take a while but at least I have the first chapter all figured/planned out so hopefully that will keep readers happy.

BTW it isn't an issue if I posted a notice in place of a chapter to let readers know right?

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