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Guest Dickie D

Searching for 2 fics!

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Guest Dickie D

First one!

I really do hope its a fic I read and not something my mind came up with!

Its about Kagome and Inuyasha, and Inuyasha has come of age. He has to go off to see Sesshomaru for him to help him and Kagome gets left behind so she trains. While Inuyasha trains also.

Their story gets told in a weird odd way through travelers. Inuyasha comes back and he can transform into a true Inu and he saves kagome and she sees him as this huge dog not really knowing its him or something.

Thats all I kind of remember! But If ANYONE knows anything close to that it would be an amazing help!

Okay the second one is,

About Kagome coming back to her time, and shes like Lady Tama or something and its kind of in the Yu Yu Hakusho world. And shes in college I think, and she meets up with the Yu Yu guys and Yusuke is the one that always mess with her talks about looking up her skirt or something and then something bad happens and Kagome starts to remember all what happened and She gets taken into Sesshomaru's care and Yusuke starts to act like he just lost his mate and can't reach her. Then she comes back over a fence. After pretending to be a bird and an old lady teasing Kurama.

Thats All.

Sorry their not better put together.

If Anyone knows of them it would be a fantastic help!

Thanks A bunch

Dickie D- B)

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