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Narcissa Makes Harry Hers

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The war is over pretty much like canon, only now the ministry has gone on a proper witch-hunt for dark wizards or anyone that cast Unforgivables. This leads to Harry going on trial and his friends and even his fiance Ginny all turn on him in their testimonies and he's vilified in the press. Avoiding prison due to his other heroics they land him with heavy fines and then Ginny sues him for the rest of his money.

Now he's broke, single and only holds the deed for Number 12 Grimmauld Place. Aberforth Dumbledore however gives him a job at the Hog's Head and Harry starts working the bar there under several glamour spells so nobody recognizes him. This goes on for about a year and Harry has started to drink quite a lot after work to drown his sorrows and the loss of his friends. His place is a mess, even with Kreacher there, nothing gets cleaned properly and he's given up any hope of a nice future.

This is where the story starts and Narcissa Malfoy comes in one evening when the bar is empty. She is of course there with a plan in mind. She has divorced her husband as his fortune is mostly gone and both him and Draco are serving very long sentances in Azkaban (Now absent of Dementors). Her life of luxury and high society is at an end, but there is one way out of it. The Black Fortune is still being contested in a dozen ways but if she and Harry were to have a child together, the fortune would automatically be theirs and she would once more be back where she obviously thinks she belongs.

Having followed Harry herself in various disguises and been given information by Kreacher of his living habits she knows he's ripe for some good ol' fashioned manipulation, Harry needs someone to boss him around, someone to push him out of this slump. But before any of that can happen she needs to have him completely under her thumb. After all, a young man like him hardly has any experience in managing a fortune or an estate, something she fully intends for them to purchase.

Having been forced into a submissive role by her ex husband, she has already stared to revert back to her true self; a dominant, sexy and capable Witch. She plans on making Harry her little sub and will use the following techniques/rules to train him:

Cum-Eating, Harry must always lick up/eat his own cum.
Pegging, Narcissa will routinely use a Strap-on or dildos on him to make him cum from anal-play and convince him that only sissy boys cum that way.

Humiliation, Harry has a rather small penis and she will point this out and say how lucky he is that she still wants him and can please her in other ways, while reinforcing that no other Witch will ever want him.

Semi-feminization, Harry must always be completely hairless apart from the hair on his head and eyebrows.

If you want you can take it further and make Harry suck cocks for her and get fucked by men, but only under glamours. Narcissa intends to restore Harry's image through several different methods.

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Yes No_1, I think that's a pretty good idea to use. After all, Narcissa wouldn't want her little sub to get any action elsewhere! Really hope someone wants to take this one on!

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Good idea, regarding semi feminisation clause, will the loss of hair on harry’s body cause all the growth that would have occurred there to be redirected to his facial features resulting in longer hair and longer frilly lashes over his eyes? Also would it potentially involve possibly Narcissa giving harry a smaal amount of  female hormone pills to cause him to become even more submissive in body and mind, plus giving him a more sexy body with the hint of femininity present in the shape of some curves in the hips, small a or b breasts that can be covered up by clothing and fuller lips.

Humiliation: will she also humiliate harry by making him dress up and pleasure here in feminine clothing such as a maid’s uniform or naughty schoolgirl outfit or lingerie to ram home her domination over harry and make him ever more fun to fuck with his mind, as she reinforces that he is a sissy boi by calling his ass and cock, cunt and clit and giving feminine names to other parts of his body.   

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