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Ash and the Amour Stone

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Guest Draynuy

By a convention multi-regional, the pokemon League has fixed the age limit to begin a journey at 14 years old for all trainers of all regions.

This additional four years have given at Ash the time to mature and prepare for his journey (In place of the idiot he was in the first season he begins with a level similar at his start in the Hoenn Region).

Ash arrives in time to receive a starter but he is not interested in any of the three traditional, in place he feels a pulse coming from a female pikachu.

After saying his goodbyes, Ash begins his travel, but rather quickly he feels another pulse, curious he investigates the alentours and finds what seems be a evolutionary stone but this one is a hot pink with what looks like a flaming heart in it. As soon as Ash touches the stone he is engulfed in a white explosion and he hears an ethereal voice that explains him that the stone was a gift for him, who will permit him to understand and to bind with all his future pokemons and who will guide him toward happiness and an eternal bliss and the voice finally says that all changes brought by the stone will be apparent only to him and eventually to his future mates. After regaining consciousness Ash can immediately observe the changes when he see that his Pikachu has taken the form of a mix between her previous appearance and that of a cute and sexy girl, furthermore he can understand her like they spoke in the same language.

Now Ash will travel to become a pokemon Master but he will understand rather quickly that this title is more profound that he believes since the amour stone reinforces the attraction between Trainer and their pokemon and it favorises the need to have sex between them.

You can choose if you want to write this fic in a hetero version (Ash capture only female pokemons) or a bisexual version (Ash capture either male or female pokemons but not the genderless ones). You can also choose if the future girlfriends of Ash will be given the gift of the amour Stone (The harem is enjoyed by everyone in the group) or just become part of Ash's harem (their teams become also part of Ash's Harem).

The girlfriends selection is limited, you must choose minimum two (or all of them) from this list: Serena, Dawn/Platina, Anabel (Lila), May, Leaf, Hilda (From Black and White), Daisy Oak, Zoey. (I confess that this list goes from my prefered pairing to my, at least, intrigued pairing). The more girls the more time between the meetings since when they begin to travel with Ash, they continue to do so until the end.

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Guest draynuy

If you really want but with a slight change of character because I confesse that I don’t really like Misty, she is too abusive and too abrasive

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