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Guest RainingTurtles

Final Fantasy X Fic - Lulu x Tidus - Untitled

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Guest RainingTurtles

I've been looking for this fanfic that I used to read almost 10 years ago, the only place I had ever read it was on OtakuFridge, before it had a revamp and no longer held any fanfictions.

The fanfiction in question is a TidusXLulu fic, it wasn't named and I am sure the author was called Orcalithe, although don't quote me on that.

It was a multiple chapter fic, the first chapter consisted of Lulu and Tidus riding the jetski thing together at macalania, Lulu gave Tidus a handjob, much to Tidus's confusion.

The second chapter, the party were staying at a Rin travel inn, Tidus wakes up to Lulu naked on top of him, nothing separating them but a very thin sheet, Lulu gives Tidus another handjob, and that's all I remember.

The third chapter I can't remember all the details for, I seem to remember that this is where the two characters finally have sex, and it starts after they have a small argument about Tidus's likeness to Chappu.

The fourth chapter is Lulu attempting to calm Tidus down after he finds out that Yuna will die, things get a bit violent, not rapey but violent.

I don't remember much of the final chapter.

I have tried to find this fic so many times in the past, I would be so happy if I was able to uncover this one again.

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