Original: Winter Sacrifice

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This story is up for adoption.

  • Author: CloverReef
  • Story Title: Winter Sacrifice
  • Genre: Supernatural
  • Pairing: Paul/Siegfried (Original Characters)
  • Warnings: M/M, violence, gay sex
  • Summary: Siegfried is a shallow, naive student at a rural college. Now something is trying to kill him, and the only one who can help is the violent, juvenile jerkwad, Paul Wolfe. Can't you just feel the love?
  • Chapters posted/written: 15 chapters posted, 17 and a half written.
  • Link to story:
  • Basic Plot: It's been years since I wrote this, so my memory may be a little sketchy. This is what I remember of it:
    A strange new student arrives at a rural college during a snowstorm. After his arrival, small, semi-human, nymph-like creatures start attacking the students, but seem to be targetting Siegfried and his friends especially. Siegfried's enemy, the jerk Paul Wolfe is more connected to these creatures than he lets on.
Edited by CloverReef

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When a story is adopted, please respond to the topic with the following information: Pen name and link of the person taking over. Each author must also reply that they have both agreed to the story being taken over.

That's quoted from the instructions. We've both agreed that you're taking over so I'm going to link to your archive profile.


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Guest Notsocute

Sad to see this story up for adoption. It's a wonderful read. I often go back to it even though I've read it way back. Just love the angst and the universe you created. Wish you could continue it.

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