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Danse Macabre - Review Replies

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I figured I should do one of these because... well why the hell not. :) I'll try to do these weekly at the least, if not daily... I have no life. I spend most of my time writing and researching so... you're all going to get so sick of me :D

First off! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read my story. And a huge thank you to everyone who read it, rated and reviewed.

Reply topic #1.... Kendra

Nuki 2015-02-22 *fuming* Kendra is NOT Autumns friend. If she were, she would never do this to her!
Tahn 2015-02-23 I wonder what the order was. Her friend is a bit of a bitch, and it seems she's been that way for a while
. Tahn 2015-03-01 Ouch. Wanting to know more about the Dracula guy, can't wait for that tidbit. Still don't like her manipulative friend. She would no longer be my friend.
Juleslea 2015-03-01 This is so good! The bitch friend needs her ass kicked! I'm really looking forward to seeing where this story goes!


Kendra is a bitch, as to why Autumn puts up with her... it's coming in chapter 6 or 7 but there is a reason.


Topic #2 That Dracula guy.


Isn't he awesome? Other than that, don't let that Dracula guy scare you away from the story. He's just a powerful badass who likes to fuck in his sleep. (hahaha) But seriously, more about him is coming,

but as of right now, he's not going to wake in this story but more about him will be revealed. If I do a sequel maybe he'll wake, but right now all signs point to vampire nap time.


Topic # 3 Why everyone is "okay" with the vampires.

One thing that I am curious about is how you jump into the story. Of course, judging by how everyone reacts around them, I assume that the humans here are used to vampires, like in True Blood. I would like to know how they came to be accepted amongst us but that's probably just me!---KoKoa_B


I put this in chapter 5 just for you Kokoa_B :D and because I had it in and took it out in editing heh :coffee:


Topic # Ballet

Kokoa_B said:

This is also a new world for me; ballet. Because I know little about it, I'm actually glad that you didn't go into a deeper explanation as far as the world of ballet. Either way, it would've helped but seeing that it's not the entire point of the story, there was no need to go into further details.


I will keep this in mind for chapter 6 because we go back to the Wonderful World of Ballet then. if you can think of something more specific you'd like me to elaborate on I'd love to hear it. I'm know I'm being a little vague so far about it, but I hope this week with chapter 6 to touch more on that.


Special Thanks to Tahn, Juleslea, Kokoa_B, and Nuki !!!!!! <3

Edited by ChrissyQuinn

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AH! Had no idea about this! :unsure:

Thank you for replying! I want to let you know or I need to say it in another way; I wasn't complaining about the little detail as far as ballet! LOL I was just glad that it was just bits and pieces here and there and not something where you'll say something about a form, not elaborate and then I'd have to go to Google! The story is very easy to follow and I really love it! I hate Kendra but I think I've established that! XD

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So about replying often.. *cough* Unfortunately life reared its ugly head and for a while I wasn't as active about writing as I like to be soooo I was late in getting around to responding and writing but I posted a mega chapter today which is going to make the world hate me so I figured why not update this before people break out the torches and pitchforks

#1 Kendra... Yes, she's still here.

Magusfang 2015-03-09

Good story! Like Darling's internal dialog a lot, and the sexual tension with her kendra and aleksi(?) is worse then the cliffhangers I use :)
Little confused by the whole Kendra thing tough, is she related to Gregory or something?

Thank you Magus! The Kendra thing is kind of confusing, I'll make certain to clear this up in chapter 9 :) Chapter 9 is a vampire chapter! Yay vampires.

KoKoa_B 2015-03-11

1. I hate Kendra. With all the passion in my being. I really, really love the way Garrett laid into her for what she's done. I just can't understand why for the life of me Autumn would continue to be her friend! Miss Manners can call me petty all she wants but that definitely could not have been me; Kendra would've been long gone out of my life!
2. I don't even think I have a number two for this! Except that this is a really great story and that I felt everything that you described! Even the pain :( Great work!
That scene with Vlad, though. Maybe I missed something but is he uncovered and just wrapped in silks and satins...? Either way; that was a peculiar yet enticing scene!

1. I too hate Kendra,

2, THANK YOU :D and Vlad... well I'll clarify that :) He's half naked, and his lower have is covered in black cloth... I think >.>.

#2 The MARK

Tahn 2015-03-06

Handy thing, that mark.
Yes, it really is! Ha! Aleksi is very evil when it comes to using it too... and it just gets worse >:D
~#3 Autumn~

Kitsune81 2015-03-16

I am seriously loving this story. I love the intrigue and renting between the characters. Loving your writing style. If i had to critisise one thing it would be that autum is putting up no resistance at all to what would other wize be a verry confronting situation, i hope she stands up for her self just a little bit more. But seriously can't wait for more.

First off! Thank you for reading :).
Autumn is a natural submissive, and contrasted with Leslie who is more of the average individual and not submissive nor dominant but a mix of both. Autumn has issues making her own decisions because of this, also, she's very passive rather than making a decision for herself she'd rather go along with what someone else wants except for in extreme situations like with Garrett and the infamous Orgy and an event that takes place in Chapter 8. As we're nearing the half way point, things are going to start to shift, and this passivity is going to start to cause problems for Autumn. But I get what you're saying, you sometimes want to smack her around and tell her to stand up for herself because most people would, but she's not most people.

~#4 SEX~

Tahn 2015-03-16

Aww, can they not have sex ever? That's gonna suck...ha! Vampire pun. I should be shot for that.

Yes, Tahn! They can have sex, but if they have sex people everyone along Aleksi's line from top to bottom will feel it, EVERYONE *Holds up a sign that says 'this is not a spoiler or hint,' look suspicious and coughs*

Kendra haters will love chapter 10... or 9...:)
As always! Thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys my work :) and special thanks to: Tahn, Kitsune81, Magusfang, and Kokoa_B

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Guest rihannalexis

So I finished reading Danse Macabre and I really loved the story, but grrrr for stopping it there. So many more things to learn! I cannot wait for the second story to come out. Craziness all around, but keep up the good work.

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So I finished reading Danse Macabre and I really loved the story, but grrrr for stopping it there. So many more things to learn! I cannot wait for the second story to come out. Craziness all around, but keep up the good work.

Thanks :) Ha! I'm sorry its taken so long for me to reply!

So first off let me start by saying, I'm so sorry for not responding to reviews in a very, very long while but I'm working on getting back around to everything. Dark Awakenings is proving more of a challenge to write for me because at the moment there are just so many little plot threads out there. There's a lot that has yet to be revealed such as...

who/what that shadow really is

Why has the Sun Cross kind of gone quiet since they got Aleksi

Will Vlad ever Layeth the smacketh down

And lastly...

Will the Autumn grief train ever stop?

That being said, unlike with Danse Macabre, Dark Awakenings is probably going further than 15 chapters. I mean I'm working on 10 now and I haven't reached what I consider the really fun parts.

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