Magic Knows (Draco/Harry) Review Replies, Comments, and Research

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So I am sorry I disappointed people. I had never written a story where the bulk of the story telling was past memories. So I wanted to try and make this a sort of snapshots in their life type of fic. Right now I don’t have plans to flush it out into a crazy long story, I can see myself writing one-shots within this verse at least later.

Beginnings of the fic and Research

Genetic-y stuffs: How the story came about was a combination of things that were bugging me mainly in MPreg fanfiction. I seem to find a lot of MPreg fiction where the couple has a girl(s) and I just remembered my Punnett Squares from high school and statistically male off springs are more likely (yeah, yeah I know MPreg not exactly do able right now leave logic out of it, but my brain goes there automatically). How to do Punnett Squares Part 1, Part 2

I also watched a video clip once that was saying why in a family with multiple male siblings, there was a higher likelihood of the youngest being gay. In this clip it said that a woman’s body would attack a male foetus trying to make it more female or something (I cannot remember, and I do not know the validity of that argument (and I cannot find the video again)) but so that with each passing male foetus the female’s hormones got stronger. True or not the like genders are easier on the prospective parents gender seemed to stick in my mind, with me at least.

Somewhere around the time we learned base genetics in high school and getting into MPreg stories I had wondered what would happen to an YY foetus. Based on survival rates of XYY foeti, I concluded that most likely result would not be viable. But I felt that if magic was taking what it had to work with especially the first time it had ever done something like that, excluding YY as a combination when there was a 25% chance of it, would be negligent. So that is where the quints came from. . Punnett Square for MPreg Offspring Biological Gender

I looked up all the ways that sperm could meet an egg (I started on Wikipedia and when I got the official names of things but needed more info I moved to google and books and things), and ended up drawing it to keep it straight and then I added in the statistical likelihood of male, female or YY babies and went from there to create the quints. Then I took the statistics for hair colour and randomised those amoungst the quints and randomly gave them eye colours keeping them to the recessive end of the spectrum with blue, green, grey eye colour (the squares of colour next to the names).

I also did the Punnett Squares for the hair colour (explanation) of Harry and Draco’s offspring (eyes are too complicated) and statistically divided those amoung the kids. (Draco is blond which means he is double recessive blond and double dominant Not Redhead; Harry has dark non-auburn hair but had a redheaded parent so he theoretically is dominant/recessive Brunet/blond and Not redhead/redhead). This also means that unless there is a mutation or some other fun quirk in genetics it would be practically impossible for Harry/Draco to genetically have a redheaded child. But genetics are complicated and fun so that is why one of the girl’s has strawberry-ish blond hair.Added is the combinations of genetics for hair colour for Punnett Squares for some HP characters. Most people were brunet (since all the Weasley’s are the same, and there isn’t a lot of Malfoy’s to boost blonds). But if I remembered someone as brunet when they aren't I’m sorry. And I did the Punnett Square for Harry X Ginny’s Offspring as it is cannon :( and they have a one fourth chance of auburn haired children.

Curly hair is dominate over Straight hair it might seem negligent but I never do squares for this as on a single persons head (of curly hair at least) not all of the curls are the same type. So I usually guess at it.

This is of course not an exact science I know someone that was born with black hair that became blond within their first year naturally. All three of my cousins (by one aunt and uncle) are blond despite both parents being brunet and they are the first blonds in the family in a long while. So yay genetics!

Babies are born with brown or blue eyes and they can change from there. This could be such a quick change that you could have sworn that they always had green eyes but it really wasn’t so. For example my mom swears my brothers always had hazel eyes but they were most likely born with brown eyes that lightened to hazel (instead of blue; as my mom doesn’t remember blue eyes for them).

Names: The names also bothered me a bit as JKR clearly took the names she used from the same sources per-family (if not purposely it looks that way). But my grandmother ended her generations-long naming convention when she had kids so really kids can be named anything. I just had fun looking that stuff up, this is a happy website for surname meanings.

But What I always found interesting is that in some fics they state Harry’s full name as Harold, Hadrian, or Harrison which I find funny because his full name is Harry James Potter and Harry is a nickname for Henry. So instead of having a Henry Jr. they could name their son Harry (Or call him that) and then the son of Harry is Harris and then the son of Harris is Harrison. That is something I am pretty sure that very few people remember occurred with names and naming children (I’ve met a Douglasson who was a son of a Douglas!). So in the end I had fun looking up names, stars, constellations and trying to fit it all in nicely so it made sense. The Prince naming convention I thought up as the most likely way for Albus Severus to keep that name, I just like saying it. But names are important they are who people are, they have stories and weight. I believe the writers should think about that when naming characters, history is important especially when you want to name someone something like Jack Jonathon, which you could mean to do that, but Jack is a nickname for John so you essentially named the guy John Jonathon (though the two evolved separately from Yahweh; Yahweh is Gracious (John/Jack) and Yahweh has Given (Jonathon)).

Holidays: Somewhere around eight-ish-years-old I had realised that I don’t believe in the Abrahamic God. My parents wanted to let us make our own religious choices and as a family we celebrated Christian holidays as that was how my parents were raised. I had tried Christian religions but couldn’t agree, and found Wicca when I was about ten-years-old. When I realised that I still didn’t believe in Gods but liked the interconnectedness of the world, celebrating time, seasons, harvest, etc. I was what I called Wiccan but not Pagan for a while, then realised that the Wiccan holidays were set rigidly in the calendar, and Mabon was a name that made little sense and had no historical standing. And I did more research into the history of Celtic pagans and Germanic pagans (as that is my ancestry). Read Bede, did a lot of research a good portion of it in German and then came up with a meshing of holiday traditions as historically accurate as I could get them and have been celebrating this mesh of a godless form of the old religions for a while. So that is the culmination of almost 20 years of research and living. I have some bookmarked sites, Wikipedia actually has a good amount of info. I did read some of the stuff from Saint Bede the Venerable (English monk lived from 672/673 – 26 May 735)’s books, I count and calculate the dates of holidays in accordance to the traditional time and length that they were, etc. I have the info as I use it, which is usually easy to point out the origin of certain traditions.

So if you need more info you can ask me. Before you write in a story somewhere that Beltain is 30. April or 01. May (from a traditional Celtic pagan perspective, those dates are true-ish for at least some Wiccans) you can ask me. Just tell me the year and as long as I can get a calendar and the equinox and solstice dates I can tell you when the holiday was. Same goes for the Harvest and Hunter moon. Unless you’re asking for ten or more years in the past or into the future, I probably have the dates already calculated out. If you ask me for this sort of calculations (I can also teach you how to do it yourself) please give a timeframe for when you need the info by, so I can get it done in a timely fashion.

Review Replies

Yeah I need a beta. If you corrected bits for me Thanks! If you offered to beta I’ll probably be in touch. I have the worst luck with betas not being able to stick around, RL gets in everyone’s way, which makes sense.

Yes I know that pregnancy is a wonderful experience and an important step in life. But Harry stayed in the Room of Requirements, mostly alone, reading. I couldn’t write that for anything, to me that sounds utterly boring (to write) the same thing practically every day. I have another MPreg fic (partially written, not posted yet, SS/HP, mostly porn) that actually goes through the pregnancy, and I researched for that one like crazy!

Like I said before I may in the future write one-shots about the life of the characters in specific circumstances, so one can see the difficulties in raising all the children.

Sorry Draco was only slapped ‘in scene’ not punched, but off scene he was verbally punched a lot.

This pairing in this fic I suppose is not romantic, no. I think they are super cute and sweet. My idea of sweet and soppy is a happy ending for everyone, so sorry that our ideas don’t match up.

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Guest Krissy

Firstly I loved your story. It was wonderful and an interesting read. I also enjoyed the research that you did.

Secondly I would ask that if you still need a beta for your works that you would consider allowing me to help, if I can in anyway. My email is SunshineandButterflies001@gmail.com

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