How To Train Your Dragon: Adult Version Challenge

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Just like my Avatar - The Last Airbender: Adult Version Challenge and Ben 10: Adult Challenge, this challenge is of retelling of certain episodes of a show, or in this case, the two How To Train Your Dragon movies, with the adding of smut scenes in them.
Requirements (HTTYD 1):
  • Hiccup: He appears to be lanky, but underneath his shirt he has quite a muscly figure. He also has an extremely thick 18 inch long cock, but the size makes him embarassed of it.
  • Dragons have the ability to turn into human beings. However, they keep some dragon features in their human form (such as wings, tails, fangs and horns).
  • Toothless: She’s a female dragon. When she turns into a human woman, she has an hourglass figure, a huge bubble butt. While Hiccup trains her, she shows Hiccup there’s nothing to be embarrassed about his cock by having and teaching him about sex. Breast size reference: Beshine
  • Astrid: She is really prude, because she believes that having a sexual life might interrupt her training to become a great Viking. As a result, she wears a tight cotton wrap around her chest to make her breasts look smaller so she won’t have to deal with people (and Snotlout) ogling at her breasts. She also has a crush on Hiccup, which she keeps it secret. When Astrid finds out about Toothless and Hiccup, she gets jealous that Hiccup would rather have sex with a dragon rather than a normal human Viking girl. This ends with her revealing her crush on him, her showing her true breast size to them, and it ends with her, Hiccup and Toothless having a threesome. Breast size reference: Candy Charms
  • Ruffnut:  She has a secret incestuous relationship with Tuffnut, but feels sexually unsatisfied due to his average-sized cock. She's the only one who knows about Astrid's secret, while Astrid is the only one who knows about Ruffnut's secret. Breast size reference: Kayla Kleevage 
  • After the scene in which Stoick disowns Hiccup and captures Toothless so the dragon can lead the way to the nest, Ruffnut and Astrid have a private conversation where Ruffnut confronts Astrid about Hiccup. Astrid reluctantly tells her everything about Hiccup and Toothless, including how Toothless can transform into a human and Hiccup had sex with her during that form. Ruffnut is shocked, but when Astrid mentions she had sex with Hiccup and Toothless and she mentions how huge Hiccup's dick was, Ruffnut starts to get interested. When the girls see Hiccup standing in the cliff watching his father leave to find the nest, Ruffnut proposes to Astrid that they sould try cheer up Hiccup by having sex with him, which leads to a threesome between the two girls and Hiccup
  • Stormfly: Her human form has a petite figure. Breast size reference: SaRenna Lee
  • Meatlug: Her human form has a pear-shaped figure. Breast size reference: Jeannetta Joy
  • A party is thrown in celebration of the defeat of the dragon queen and the new estabilished peace between dragons and vikings. During the party, Hiccup is asked by Astrid to meet her in his room. Inside his room, he finds her and Ruffnut naked in his bed. Toothless also shows up alongside Stormfly and Meatlug in their human forms. Astrid reveals that she and the girls wants to reward Hiccup personally for his actions. The story ends with Hiccup having sex with all of them.


Requirements (HTTYD 2)
  • Hiccup: His cock grew in the 5 year timeskip, and it’s now 23 inches long.
  • Astrid and Ruffnut: They both gained curvier figures and big bubble butts. They also wear sexy versions of their outfits from the movie. Breast size references: Chelsea Charms (Astrid) and Maxi Mounds (Ruffnut). Also Ruffnut never has a crush on Eret.
  • Valka: She has an hourglass figure and a bubble butt even bigger than Toothless, Astrid and Ruffnut’s butts, but the armour she wears hides her figure. It’s not until she takes it off and wear her more casual clothes that her figure is shown. She still loves Stoick, but she also falls in love with Hiccup when she first sees him. During the time they spend together she starts seducing him by:
  1. asking about his love life back on Berk,
  2. showing off a sexier version of her armour to Hiccup,
  3. asking about Toothless' human form and if he ever has sex with her,
  4. telling Hiccup that to satisfy her sexual urges, she had sex with the dragons in their human forms, no matter if they were men or women.

When they finally have sex, she's impressed by the size of his dick, saying that it's even bigger than Stoick's dick was. Breast size reference: Vicky Little

  • Cloudjumper: She’s a female dragon and also Valka's main lover. She gets jealous of Hiccup when Valka starts seducing him. When she finds Valka and Hiccup having sex, she gets angry and tries to prove that Hiccup isn't that special by having sex with him, but it fails when she starts enjoying it. Her human form has a muscular figure. Breast size reference: Minka
  • When Hiccup becomes chief, he finds a scroll that his father never opened when he (Stoick) became chief that says that a chief is allowed to have as many wifes/lovers as he wishes.
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Guest Jonrocksthestar

Are you gonna do something for httyd 3?Add a third part to the story. Is hiccup dick gonna be bigger in httyd 3?

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