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Spoilers for House of Hades ahead.

We learn in HoH that Nico in fact has a closeted crush on Percy, and is torn up about this because he thinks nobody likes him, feels like he's done a lot of bad shit to Percy, Percy has a girlfriend, and because he spent the first 10 years or so of his life in an era where such feelings were unacceptable.

For this, Nico goes a little bit further, and finds a bit of happiness. Namely, until Artemis and the Hunters out him, he'd been doing a perfectly good job acting and looking like a girl. This does of course cause a lot more emotional trauma for Nico, who now has to deal with the stigma of being a son of Hades, who wishes he was a daughter, and has a crush on the son of Poseidon.

But, after some time, when the dust settles, things work out. Partly from being fairly feminine to start and partly from some help and effort, Nico makes for a wonderful young woman. Flat as a board, but for people who had met Bianca, they'd think she'd grown up. And Percy is simple and accepting enough that when Nico says he prefers to be considered a female, he works hard to go along with it, and the Camps follow their leader.

The problem is, though...Nico has an amazing ass. In fact, she's beautiful enough that new half-bloods meeting her for the first time assume she's a daughter of Aphrodite. And after things didn't quite work out with Annabeth, and the first time he wakes up after a romantic dream about Nico, Percy realizes he may be in trouble.

Nico becomes a trap, Percy falls for the trap, and Nico gets some hot hero dick up his tight crossdressing ass.

Nico should have tiny little dick. If you want him to have breasts, go for it. For appearance, I kind of imagine something like Death of the Endless.

Bonus for something good and blasphemous like fucking Nico on Hades's throne. Also bonus for a three/more-some (not involving any other males), especially with Bianca or Persephone.

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Depending on how Camp Half-Blood handles the issue, if Nico is still physically a male, he might be required to still use the male facilities. And Percy, being a good friend, would help to ensure Nico's privacy and security, standing watch outside the showers. Right up until Nico drags Percy in.

Possibly the first time comes when Percy gets out of the Styx and finds out that the Curse of Achilles doesn't just drive him into a battle frenzy, but sets off all primal desire, including lust. And with no other convenient people to fuck silly...

Plus a Big 3-some, with Percy, Nico, and Thalia. One still has weird things going on with his ex, one is the transgender child of Hades, and one is the half-blood daughter of Zeus who swore to be a maiden for the rest of forever. Together they have crazy threesomes.

Finally, they decide they want a child. Nico is terrified of the idea, questioning what kind of mother she'd make with the time-displacement, gender identity issues, and other things. Percy is comforting and encouraging. Then they have to find a surrogate, and decide how they want it done. Possible surrogates, Annabeth, Thalia if she can get away with it, Bianca if she's alive, Hazel, probably some others.

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